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I found this and thought you guys would enjoy!

A Week of Captain America – Captain America #110

A Jim Steranko Cover – that’s absolutely fantastic and classic – and that’s Rick Jones as Bucky.  Rick remains with cap for the next 6 issues – but it’s this issue that you see HOW Rick came to be the new Bucky.  You also get to see the Hulk and Cap tussle for a bit.  Cap is not a hero I’d ever like to tangle with – not because he’d totally kick my ass but because he dresses so fancy!  I’d hate to get that pretty suit dirty!

Hulk #17 (2009) – The Review

Hulk #17

So, this storyline has wrapped up and the only reason for it was to basically give a reason for the Red Hulk to team up with the Green Hulk in the upcoming Fall of the Hulks.  It took 4 issues just to get to this – and maybe that’s the bigger problem.  In the classic days of comics – when comics were the best – they would have epic story lines wrapped up in 2 to 3 issues.  The coming of Galactus, anyone?  We are now 2 years into this comic and not only has nothing really happened to move the plot along – most of the stories negated themselves.  For example, Wendigos can now create new Wendigos by biting them – never explained why all of a sudden the mythology of the character changed – just did it.  But in the end they cured everyone and things went back to normal.  No explanation… never mind the fact that Loeb wrote Fixit into the story line with a reason either.  I mean, this is just bad writing!  The Offenders/Defenders story arc?  How horrible and useless was that?  I mean – the Red Hulk killed EVERYONE!  Without even really trying!  And then they returned in the end – not even with the memories of what happened.  Then Loeb takes the actual Hulk away – which is fine since we know he’s due to return at some point –

Shrulk puts on over on Rulk - or maybe they realize their names are so stupid they decided to jump

But then this storyline comes along.  Most every single person, fan or not, that I talk to has hated this storyline.  The art is horrendous – sorry Churchill – I’ve liked some of your work in the past but this is just not up to snuff.  And it took 4 issues for Domino to see the Red Hulk change – for the Red Hulk to gather a team, for the team to find and fight Domino’s team – for the new She Hulk to show up – for the team to double cross and then not double cross the Red Hulk – and it all seemed… so boring…

Red Hulk talks to Elektra - or maybe is looking for camel toe...

Again, if you are a fan of this series – then more power to you – to be able to find pleasure in such a terrible comic is amazing.  Let me give a perfect example of how this comic works:  The Red Hulk takes She Hulk to the top of a skyscraper – he threatens to throw her off if she doesn’t tell him what he wants to hear – she dares him to throw her off.  He doesn’t.  Why he doesn’t – we will never know because that doesn’t fit with the character that Loeb has been “writing” for the past 17 issues.  Are we to believe being double crossed made the Red Hulk nicer to his enemies?  How – HOW does that make any sense?  Or how about that the Red Hulk jumped into space in issue 5 – but had to climb the building in this issue?  But after he puts her down – she turns and kicks him off the edge instead.  Gee, who didn’t see that coming?  But in the end we find out that Domino may or may not know who the Red Hulk is – and that he is going after A.I.M. now.

If you look back – I had high hopes for this series – I even gave the first few issues decent grades in hopes that it was heading somewhere – but now I see it on the rack and try to figure out if I should even bother buying it.  I haven’t wanted to buy it for almost a year now and at this point I buy it so that I can review it for this site – and that’s the only reason.  There is a variant for this issue – I don’t have it to show you – but the variant is actually kind of cool looking with Wolverine on the cover in the shadow of the Red Hulk.  But this issue gets a D