Daily Archives: December 1, 2009

A Week of Captain America – Captain America #130

I just picked this book up – courtesy of my friend Corry and ZAPP Comics – thanks bro!  And, I’ll admit it now, I haven’t even opened the book – so I don’t know what part the Hulk plays in it… sorry.  I’ll get around to reviewing it at some point – but this is such an impressive cover!  I love the little bubble at the top with the Hulk in it!  “A special No Prize goes to the person who can figure out what the Hulk is doing in this book” – well, I guess I won’t be getting that prize because I have no idea at the moment.

Tiny Build-A-Figure Hulk (2009)

Tiny Hulk Smash!

I liked getting those little figures out of the machines that dispense them – if anything, it really feels like you won something when you get what you want!  But these little figures were in my LCS in a bin – so I didn’t have to try over and over to get this little guy.  I did, however, have to search through the bin – so it’s still sort of a prize.  Maybe I’m kidding myself.

It comes with all you see here! And is part of a nutritious breakfast!

It comes in 3 little pieces – the legs, torso+head+arms, and the little bit of rubble he’s standing on.  They go together pretty easily and are snug and tight.  For comparison purposes I have him posed with the ML Green Hulk variant.  As you can see – it’s a tiny little guy – but for a tiny figure it’s pretty cool – sculpted really well and a nice little addition to my ever growing collection!

Meet Mini-Hulk-Me!