Tiny Build-A-Figure Hulk (2009)

Tiny Hulk Smash!

I liked getting those little figures out of the machines that dispense them – if anything, it really feels like you won something when you get what you want!  But these little figures were in my LCS in a bin – so I didn’t have to try over and over to get this little guy.  I did, however, have to search through the bin – so it’s still sort of a prize.  Maybe I’m kidding myself.

It comes with all you see here! And is part of a nutritious breakfast!

It comes in 3 little pieces – the legs, torso+head+arms, and the little bit of rubble he’s standing on.  They go together pretty easily and are snug and tight.  For comparison purposes I have him posed with the ML Green Hulk variant.  As you can see – it’s a tiny little guy – but for a tiny figure it’s pretty cool – sculpted really well and a nice little addition to my ever growing collection!

Meet Mini-Hulk-Me!

Published by ratchet

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3 thoughts on “Tiny Build-A-Figure Hulk (2009)

  1. I got that mini figure out of a machine at the local movie theater here. Got it on the third try, after getting spiderman and the human torch

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