The Incredible Hulk #226 Page 20 (1978)

What a beautiful sight! In a Hulk fans hands... PRICELESS!

I have been searching for a Sal Buscema page – I had to have one – just HAD to!  I mean no self respecting Hulk lover would turn down the chance to own a Sal page!  The only real issue at this moment is that original art is at an all time high.  Artists and Reps are both asking premium prices even for sub-par pages.  And you can pretty much forget about splash pages and covers unless you’re looking to spend an easy couple grand.  Even for some no-name artists it’s hard to find published pages for less than $100.

Dude! No one dumps the Hulk!

But Mr. Sal Buscema here – his pages are harder and harder to find for good prices – which is why while I was at the Boston Comic Con I met a local dealer with this page – and he was asking a pretty decent price!  The only issue is – I spent almost my entire budget for the con already… and had only $25 left.  I had to tell him this is all I have as a down payment for the page.  Luckily, he was fine with it – I gave him the $25 and then later went back to pick up one of my new grails now received!

Sally? Yeah - I'd hit that...

I love this page because not only is the Hulk on every panel – but he dressed so spiffy on most of the page!  And we see Hulk mention a College fling of Banner’s named Sally!  I don’t think Sally ever made another appearance – but she was a little hottie!  And she liked nerds!  As you can tell from her affection for Bruce… bonus!  But that last panel… CLASSIC BUSCEMA!  I was so psyched to get this page… I could probably die happy now 🙂

Lastly, please return on Monday for the review of Fall of the Hulks: Alpha – which I just finished now.  I’ll give you a bit of a teaser by saying this… I liked it!

4 responses to “The Incredible Hulk #226 Page 20 (1978)

  1. “Sally? Yeah – I’d hit that…” LOL!!!!!!!!
    Awesome page, Ratch! I’m glad you finally got a page from one of THE greats!

  2. Ratchet, Techincally she did not make another appearance but Peter David did introduce a old girlfriend from his desert state university years named Susan who looks very similar. Judging by the similar name,same place and time, similar apperance it makes me wonder if David had originally thought of this issue but then got the name wrong.

    Right now,I just checked the entry on Susan at the Hulk engine of destruction site, aka incredbile, and Stephen Yarish mentions this issue as Susan’s “first” appearance. So either this is a retcon on his part or he made made the name mistake David did,but in reverse. Here is the link below.

  3. I got my Fall of the Hulks on Thursday.

    It was amazing! far superior to Hulk: Winter Guard.

    If I’m not mistaken, isn’t Loeb due to leave the Hulk title sometime in 2010? If that is still the case, they should get Jeff Parker to take over.

  4. Sal Buscema is one of my all time favorite comic book artists. So I always enjoy seeing pics of original artowk by him. I was extremely fortunate to acquire a couple of Rom Spaceknight pages directly from Sal himself during one of his all too few convention appearances, about a decade ago.

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