Fall of the Hulks: Alpha (2009) – The Review

Fall of the Hulk: Alpha - Variant Cover

Fall of the Hulks - regular cover - sorry it's blurry

Alright, let’s get back into the swing of things here!  I have a whole slew of books to review – and quite a great week of posts set for next week!  This month is a great month for Hulk fans – there are comics practically EVERY week.  The only kick in the pants is that the Hulk is missing from most of them…

The Leader collects the smartest team ever!

Now this is the Hulk related comic I’ve been waiting for!  Not only was it fun to read – most of it actually made sense… not to mention that this comic actually contained a full complete story – instead of a ridiculous 2 minute shot of a story.  Man, I hate Loeb’s writing!  🙂  This story follows the Leader throughout the years – and it’s probably a good idea to read the Eternals storyline I just reviewed – because it’s kind of important!

The Leader sees the Hulk Robot...

First, we meet the Leader’s team of super-villains – a team of whom he has collected and the Leader believes he runs – the team is:  The Wizard, Egghead, The Mad Thinker and Ivan Kragoff,  They break into the Eternals base and the library of Alexandria.  They steal all sorts of things, intelligence of sorts to use in the future – including the Hulk Robot capable of absorbing Cosmic Energy.  A bit of a geek-asm right there!  Anyways, they are dropping everything off with Doom since he has the space to store it – not to mention he has the army to defend it!  But did these super geniuses really think that Doom was the best person to hold these things?  He’s the best choice?  Because it’s not like he’s proven himself to be faithful, loyal or trustworthy!  But these brainiacs choose to leave it with him anyways!  But we continue to follow the villains throughout Marvel history – Each of the team busy with their own plans – but also secretly helping each other out of imprisonment.  They also mention how they reconstituted some of the other villains such as Sandman in order to keep the heroes busy… 

Egg Head Dies... oh well...

The Leader collects Betty...

As time goes by, the team changes – Egg Head is replaced, mainly because… well, he died in a fight with the Avengers.  But the Leader has a perfect replacement –  M.O.D.O.C.K. – but Doom is not happy with the new team mate.  He’s a bit skived out by him, as anyone would be.  Anyways, they continue to collect intelligence from all over the world – invisible to the naked eye by technology that is too awesome to be real.  Why can’t comic book physics actually work in real life?  How boss would that be?  I wouldn’t have to use words like boss anymore because I’d be invisible to everyone – everyone except native elderly.

The Leader knows the Hulk will return...

Now, the Leader continues with his ultimate plans – they even show as he collects Betty Ross’ dead body.  But then everything changes – Doom contacts the Leader and informs him of the plan to send the Hulk away to another planet.  The Leader mentions the Civil War, and the Mad Thinker even mentions wanting to add Amadeus Cho to their ranks – but the Leader refuses to add a child to their team.  Now the team gets what they need at the library of Atlantis – and as they drop everything off… Doom turns on them!  Who didn’t see this coming?!!?  The villains try to fight back – but the Leader cuts his losses and leaves.  He believes the Intelligencia is done… until…

Doom bitch slaps the Leader!

M.O.D.O.C.K. finds the Leader in his hidden base.  He tells the Leader that through the Alexandria scrolls he has learned about Cosmic Energy.  He says that the Hulk will return – just as the Leader has said – but if they take the Cosmic Energy and the other powerful energy known too well in the MU… Gamma!  They could create a Hulk of their own!  Combining the two energies will create an unstoppable force!  At Hulk’s core was always Banner – and so they could never manipulate the Hulk they way they wanted – but using another person… someone they could negotiate with – they could have their own Red Hulk!

The Plan for the Red Hulk begins...

This was such an enjoyable comic – and if this is how they started the series – it may actually have been more enjoyable – seriously, one of the things that ruined this whole series besides Loeb’s horrid writing was this ridiculous need to keep his identity and origin secret for this long!  This comic was well done and I loved it!  Grade: A

28 responses to “Fall of the Hulks: Alpha (2009) – The Review

  1. “Bitch Slap” Heh heh

  2. I told you this comic was awesome when i reviewed it last week. Though no one answered my question. Isn’t Jeph Loeb due to leave the title in 2010? If so, wouldn’t you love to see Jeff Parker take over full-time when Loeb goes? This guy as mentioned before is a superstar in the making. His writing is phenomenal!

    • Absolutely, I would like to see Parker write the Hulk – but I haven’t heard Loeb is supposed to leave. Maybe my Christmas wish did come true!

  3. Your grade A is correct in my book! It’s was good that they spotlighted the Leader for once, he’s sooo underated. Now we can understand somewhat to why Rulk is so powerful. He’s got the best of both worlds (gamma/cosmic rays)and could explain why he’s not green.

    • Exactly! It EXPLAINS things – which is nice – and all readers have been asking for!

      • and perhaps if it’s ross that’s the Rulk then He could have gone through because the leader promised something like “You’ll get betty once your mission is completed.” and so he underwent the process to become the Red Hulk

  4. Well, it has been mentioned on this website that Loeb is due to leave with issue no. 20 or 25. If any of you guys are registered with marvel.com please suggest to them for Jeff Parker to take over. Rulk being created by a combination of gamma & cosmic radiation was suggested by several hulk fans when rulk made his early appearences in 2008. Those guys worked out the reason for the colour.

  5. How could Ross be the Rulk? He spoke to Rulk in Hulk #6.

  6. Well, we are taking it for granted that the Gary Miller Theory is correct. That whenever Rulk talked to T-Bolt Ross it was an S.H.I.E.L.D. LMD (Life Model Decoy – android). Which would fit in perfectly within the storyline.

  7. Ratchet, I totally agree with you about this issue and and Jeff Parker’s writing. He would be a great writer for the Red Hulk. As for other matters…
    1.The ending revealed what I had predicted in a earlier post, Leader and Modok both came up with the idea of the red hulk. 2.Havent read that Eternals story, I think I’ll go look for it. 3. One thing you review didnt mention is how Jeff Parker Retconned the Secret Wars in this issue. What did you think of that? MaybePaul Tobin is using this in his Secret Wars mini series.

    • I was more talking the regular series – but the Red Hulk series would work as well…

      I thought it was pretty amazing the way they covered the entire MU history in this comic from the eyes of the Leader.

  8. I would say Talbot would be a better candidate for Rulk than Ross. Rulk just doesn’t come off that old. BTW was it ever mentioned how The Leader reverted back to his original form. I know he was looking deathly ill at the end there and was kinda looking like Eddie from Iron Maiden. He also mentioned something along the lines of being attatched to his physical form which would explain his resurrection. But the book really doesn’t touch on his deaths.

    • If I were a super ego like the Leader I probably wouldn’t mention my deaths either – maybe he’s too proud? Or maybe he doesn’t consider those actual deaths since he knew he would come back…

  9. Well at the end of David’s run they were dancing around with possibility of Leaders reincarnation/possession through Omnibus.

  10. What about the possiblity that some of the Leader’s “death’s” were not him but clones of himself? It would sort of be like Dr Doom and his Doombots. Each believes itself to be the real Leader but isn’t really the original person.

  11. The Leader cloning himself is a possibility ……………… He could do it with help from the rest of the other villains I suppose.

    Anyway because you have all been good boys & girls here are a couple of x-mas goodies to wet your appetite for all things Hulk 2010 :






    Thanks to our friends at http://www.comicmonsters.com & http://www.incrediblehulkonline.com for providing all the Hulkie goodness!

  12. The reason I suggested the clone idea, aside from the fact it would be an easy way to explain things, is because of the Leader’s lab in 604. Those giant test tubes had bodies and heads that looked very much like the Leader himself. Just a thought.

  13. Well, with The Leader (& M.O.D.O.K.) anything is possible. Who knows? They might be conducting experiments in genetic engineering to create more gamma super-soldiers. Those two should have teamed up sooner in my opinion. So, zeno, what do you think of the links I’ve included for current and future Hulk titles? Does look promising, don’t you agree?

  14. Yes it does look interesting. Any thoughts on who Samson is talking to? Rereading this story I noticed that time displacement technology they use is somewhat similar to What Osbrone had in Dark Rein Hulk and Bruce was using in 604. Speaking of which, King Hulk,have you read hulk 605 yet?

  15. Hi Zeno, to be honest I’m not sure who is acting as Doc Samson’s shrink. Could be anyone. It is not clear if it is an actual event, dream or hallucination. Not sure about the equipment to be honest. Regarding reading issue no. 605, I have thought it was very solid. The only thing I wasn’t too happy with, was the two different artists who did the issue. Should be one artist all the way through – Olivetti. I do like his work. The backup story was very solid. Lyra is by far the best out of the four She-Hulks. She as been written better than Jen Walters as ever been. Lyra will be Marvel’s answer to Wonder Woman, mark my words. My favourite Hulk title so far as been What if? World War Hulk. The main story that ends with Hulk deciding the fate of the world and becoming the HERALD of GALACTUS is amazing!

  16. P.S. One thing I will reiterate here to you & everybody else is that whatever is written in a What if? story, if it is good, will eventually be copied into the mainstream Marvel Universe eg both Rick Jones & T-Bolt Ross both became the Hulk in a What if? story first.

  17. I will do my friend, have no fear!

  18. At least they officially show, and explain, how the Rulk was created, which is nice. There is going to be a Red Hulk title as you all probably know.

    A-Bomb was probably created on the same principals, though he has different powers (camouflage, super-strong skin, strength and all). Yellow eyes mean cosmic? It’d better. NO MORE HULKS, PLEASE! You know this is only temporary. The original Abomination will be back for sure, as no one has any imagination to come up with original characters and let most of the dead, stay dead.

    The only thing that could bring me peace is Green Scar coming back to kick all the “Hulk’s” asses, and that is why I have purchased this title. Never happen though. Banner is always the wimp, as Banner or Hulk. Very few moments of satisfaction as a Hulk fan. It’s just like when I was pulling for Dolphins to win a Superbowl, as a kid.

    How can they explain some cosmic powered being chosen to absorb the Hulks Gamma Rays after Hulk gets it from the government satellites, will be ridiculous, I’m sure. Why can’t Banner be the only one, or one of the few that is granted powers from Gamma power, due to his unique genetic structure?

    I am buying only three times a year these days. Thank you Ratchet, for your updates, but I think we are on a sinking ship of absurdity. Batman always finds a way to really kick ass, with no powers. (Still, there are so many bat people, and the robin thing creeps me out.)

    Banner/ Hulk will never be the Strongest. I guess that is my issue to this characters reality. I like the idea Loeb had of making the Hulk the Strongest There Is, but the Hulk has always been Banner. I would have been thrilled if WWH ended with the Sentry throwing the Hulk into the Sun and the real Hulk evolved into a super powerful Red Hulk, for example.

    Marvel just always disappoints. Especially if you have followed this title, like I have, for sooo many years. I hope someday you eat it MARVEL CONMICS, you cheap, dumb ass, lazy F@#& FACES!

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