The Incredible Hulk #605 (2009) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #605

The last time we left Banner and Skaar we saw that the FF were taking on the Mole Man and a few of his monsters.  When Banner and Skaar arrive, Skaar immediately jumps into action – but the Mole Man tells him to stop – and then he begins to tell the story of where these NEW monsters came from.  Apparently, in the wake of the destruction WWH these creatures hitched a ride to Earth.  The Mole Man healed them – only to learn that they wanted to meet their king – Skaar!

Skaar's monsters!

But then Tyrannus shows up to ruin everything!  Ty had mutated the beasties from Planet Sakkar so be meaner and destroy everything – but Skaar smacks the taste out of Ty’s mouth and stops all the other heroes from touching them – he declares that they are the only survivors of his home planet and that no one will kill them… except for him!  And then Skaar begins to take each beastie out with somewhat ease.

Skaar thanking the Thing for his help

Banner tells Skaar that he’s proud of him – that he did the right thing.  Banner is pleased that the world has met Skaar – and sees him as a hero – and then says that he hopes he’s ready for the old one.  I can only assume he means the Hulk – or maybe it’s that I WANT him to mean the Hulk!

Tyrannus giving the Mole Man what I like to call a "Boo-Ya!"

This issue gets a solid grade – but these 2 artists on one issue has to stop!  It’s distracting as all heck – and doesn’t serve the story at all.  By the way – there is a really great variant cover to this – I have it on hold for me (thanks Corry!) because none of my LCS seem to have them in?  What is up with that?  B+

Banner is just as devious as Hulk could ever be - and I love it!

13 responses to “The Incredible Hulk #605 (2009) – The Review

  1. Looks like the REAL Hulk will be returning in the next issue or 2. I hope World War Hulk will clean house with those Hulk lite characters running around. Did see that DC is going to doing a War Of The Supermen event?

  2. Solid review my friend, still would like to know what you about Lyra. My money is on that she as met either her mother Thundra or Doc Samson, The Leader or M.O.D.O.K. Regarding DC copying the current storyline, I have not heard that but at least they won’t have Jeph Loeb making a mess of it. I do get an impression that Loeb is finally being reeled in & controlled by Marvel.

  3. Don’t be too sure about the “real” hulk coming back next month. In Fall of the hulks the Red Ghost took the Eternal’s hulk robot. I had already read in Marvel’s catalog that we do not learn what Bruce’s full plan is until 607 in Feburary. Looking at the Jaunary previews it said the first part of Parker’s new mini series has this hulk robot. What Doom may be fighting is a robot which Bruce has taken control of.

  4. Zeno you are good! Jeff Parker is doing a 4 issue Red Hulk mini-series that is helping to tell the World War Hulks saga.

  5. Man, I thought for sure this issue would get an A. The FF and Mole Man in a big city battle royale–that’s how comics are supposed to be! I loved it.

    • It was really good – but let’s be honest – not starring the Hulk will bring it’s grade down…

      • I don’t mind not having the real hulk around. Greg Pak has written Bruce better than just about anyone. These issues are like the ones Al Milgrom wrote right before Peter David took over. Rick Jones was cursed with the hulk and Bruce was cured. There take on him was different but Banner was a interesting character by himself when they wrote him.

      • Right – but I buy this book for my favorite character – the Hulk. So – my point stands.

  6. Ratchet,I understand what you are saying. What are your favorite incarnations of the Hulk?

  7. Tyrannus has the Leader’s gammadome technology. Either he stole it or they are/were working with each other. I said before this issue came out that maybe Modok and Leader took the technology he had to transfer gamma powers to people.The little guys overthrew him in Hulk 1o or 11. He has not appeared anywhere since. Modok and Leader may have freed him in exchange for the technology. Or maybe they are both stealing from each other.

  8. Great Post you have. Its my pleasure to be dropped here. Thank you for sharing dear. Keep up the good work..for real…

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