Nobody Loves the Hulk Record by the Traits (1969)

Nobody Loves the Hulk! 45

Here’s another piece of Hulk memorabilia that I never picked up off ebay despite having many. many chances to.  Mainly because this record has a volitile history – sometimes it goes for $5.00, and other times it went for $50.00 – so who knows what it’s actually worth.  What it is is awesome!  And this came from another person who saw the site, enjoyed it, and offered to send this to me for free – so thank you Brandon!  Brandon runs an online record store called Vinyl Collective – see it here: and no, Brandon didn’t ask me to put his site on mine – I did it because I believe in Karma… and I don’t want to be hit by a car!

The Lyrics - sing them to the tune of "Where is Thumb-kin?"


25 responses to “Nobody Loves the Hulk Record by the Traits (1969)

  1. Ratchet you must start an Anti-Lobe hulk site I could make it say lobe dont love the hulk

  2. Is there any chance of you providing a free download of this track? Or is Brandon got any more copies to sell?

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family Ratchet

  4. Nobody Loves the Hulk! How true, how true……

  5. This is on youtube. Its VERY ATypical late 60’s rock but i dig it.

  6. I have a t-shirt with that artwork on it. Those are some lyrics.

  7. I heard about this song before. I will have to look it up on youtube. This is off topic but Ratchet, I was wondering if you looked at my post regarding the your black Sal Busecma art work and if you looked at the link I left.

    • I saw it – I read the link too – I guess we’ll never know for sure if that’s what David meant… but it’s a pretty good theory.

  8. I wasn’t so much asking about that but if you found it curious that the link for Susan had the issue were “Sally” made her appearence in as the first apperance of the character. It is interesting that another fan thought they were the same person. Shows how much alike the two are.

  9. I think ratchet that would be great! Guys, I have gone to youtube and found the video and I got to tell you, I really enjoyed it! Also, I have read Hulk # 18 and it was absolutely amazing! I have a hard time believing Jeph Loeb wrote it to be honest. Either he had a lot of help or the story was ghost-written by Pak, Parker or Van Zante.

  10. MAJOR SPOILER ALERT – RIGHT HERE & RIGHT NOW! On the last page of Hulk # 18, in the credit section in very small print it says & I quote: SPECIAL THANKS TO – PETER DAVID! I submit to you that Peter ‘Best Hulk Writer Of All Time’ David had a hand in writing that issue and Loeb just signed his name to it! No other website that reviewed this comic as spotted Mr David’s name attached to this issue. The storytelling is to me, more in-tune with Peter David than Jeph Loeb! Could Peter David be taking over when Loeb finally goes in 2010?

  11. P.S. Isn’t it ironic, that I asked here on this very website several months ago, that Greg Pak should have Peter David in the Hulk Brain Trust and they have recently used part of an old Peter David story in the recent Hulk : Winter Guard and now they have Peter David involved in Hulk # 18? Interesting . . . . . . .

  12. MAJOR SPOILER – RIGHT HERE & RIGHT NOW! In Hulk # 18 on the last page in the credits it shows and I quote: SPECIAL THANKS TO PETER DAVID! Yep! Peter ‘Best Hulk Writer Ever’ David had a hand in this issue. The writing of this story is more in-tune with Peter David’s work than with Jeph Loeb’s style of writing. No other website that reviewed this issue as spotted Peter David’s name tied to this issue. Could Peter David be replacing Jeph Loeb in 2010?

  13. I know, when I initially sent that post I got a error message. Had to reboot system. Waited nearly 30 mins still hadn’t gone through. Decided to re-type & re-send. Thought you guys needed to know.

  14. Peter David is supposed to be writing a Hulk story as part “Breaking In The Marvel Way” which features a bunch of new artists working on different stories.

  15. MrMordrid that is great news! Be interesting to see what he comes up with. I am hoping he gets asked to do the Lyra vs Maestro mini-series. That would be amazing coming from PAD. P.S.Ratchet what happened to your review for Hulk # 18 you said you would put on monday?

  16. I hope your daugther gets better.

    • She just has a cold – but she’s very stuffy and sometimes has a hard time breathing at night…

      But she’ll be fine! Thanks for asking!

  17. Charles B. Rangel

    Does free really mean free???

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