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The Fantastic Four #12 (1963)

Fantastic Four #12 - Look at Hulk's 3 toes!

 I got a busted up copy of this historic comic – but man, it is a prized piece in the collection!  I love it!  I won this off ebay for a very affordable price – the sad truth is – it wasn’t the best transaction… but I don’t care!  I don’t let that sour admiring the historic comic – I love it!  Now here’s something interesting… I asked 10 random Comic fans on the forums I visit to tell me what happened in the first 12 issues of FF.  I told them they couldn’t look it up – it had to be from memory.  Here’s what happened:

All 10 of them knew #1 – they could even describe the cover.  Most (meaning all but 1) knew that #5 was the first appearance of Doom.  But the other issues were sporadically unknown.  Some knew, but most didn’t.  Except #12 – ALL TEN knew FF #12 was the Hulk guest shot.  Imagine that… I mean, I know that’s far from concrete evidence – but I found that pretty cool!

If you’ve never read the issue – it’s a pretty fun read.  The Hulk doesn’t show up until the last quarter of the comic – but he takes on the FF, he beats Johnny by applauding, beats Reed by twirling – and the Thing and Hulk’s fight gets interrupted – which is good for the Thing… but Sue doesn’t have her force field ability yet – so she’s pretty useless until the end – or that’s how Stan wrote her anyways.