Have yourself a Hulky Little Christmas!

Alright folks! As we are getting ready for 2010 to start – keep in mind… we have a year of Hulky goodness to look forward to!  They have said this is the last year for Loeb to write “Hulk” – here’s to hoping that is true!

Be ready next week for the Fall of the Hulks: Gamma review, a couple days of Best and Worst of the year – AND a little tribute to Loeb’s Hulk comic.  You heard right!  See you next week!

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18 thoughts on “Have yourself a Hulky Little Christmas!

  1. Merry Christmas,Ratchet. And to everyone else online. This could be a good year for the Hulk but having too many titles and drawn out storylines has the potential to ruin something good. Let’s hope they don’t hurt the quality in 2010. Things have been promising so far.

  2. I support Zeno’s sentiments in wishing everybody a Merry X-mas & all the best for the New Year! I haven’t got my copy yet of Fall of The Hulk Gamma. So I already know what the spoilers are but, I shall keep them to myself. Has mentioned before, I don’t hate Jeph Loeb. In fact, I have the upmost sympathy for what he as gone through. He as come up with some great ideas but they are most often than not poorly executed by Loeb. I do hope that Loeb stays with Marvel as a consultant & idea’s man and if he is asked to write a story that his work is closely monitored and he is given the support to write at his full potential again. Bet you never though you would here me say those words but the fact is the man is a very valuable asset to Marvel.

  3. Hi Zeno, in answer to your question, it is not a typo. I know what the spoilers are without reading the comic because I know the websites & forums that have already reviewed it. You guys are in for a couple of huge surprises!

    1. King Hulk, I have read the issue. It seems some people still think it is Ross. It could be. The problem with this mystery is any suspect can be explanied away as not the ‘real’ person. He could a 1. Clone, 2.LMD, 3. Counterpart from a alternate timeline, or even 4.Someone who looks similar but had false memories implanted. In fact that was done with the original Talbot way back in Len Wein’s run. Any guess we make has this problem.

  4. To Zeno & Ratchet, guys I have already mentioned this in the comments I made in Hulk #18 and on other posts.

    They started to have Doc Samson mention Glenn Talbot after nearly two years in the Jeph Loeb run. Marvel AREN’T that stupid. Every candidate who could Red hulk as been discounted. Rick Jones is now A-bomb, Doc Samson is now the evil Samson. Clay Quatermain (who I liked as a character) is now (apparently?) dead.

    Who does that leave realistically? Ryker who I think was and is currently running the trials (knowingly or unknowingly, I am not sure) for M.O.D.O.K. and The Leader to create gamma-powered super-soldiers. NOTE-Each Hulk-like and for that matter Abomination-like being is getting more powerful with each new subject. Coincedence? I think not. Could A-Bomb and Red Hulk be the end products of all this testing? Could they be the production models?

    We can safely say it isn’t Ryker as he hasn’t been mentioned in the main body of the story though he is after Banner’s little girl Lyra. Coincedence again? I think not. This leads to Lyra’s involvement in World War Hulks.

    The logical choice is still Thuderbolt Ross. The theory put forward by Gary Miller about it being an LMD with Red Hulk everytime makes sense. Especially when you add up all the evidence. In the old Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.E.L.D. stories, how many was Nick Fury though dead when all it ever was was a well programmed LMD taking the hit? See my point.

    Either Ross or Talbot will be revealed as Red Hulk with either Ryker and Quatermain as Marvel’s backup choices. Anything that contradicts the evidence provided will be put down ‘due to the mental programming’ of M.O.D.O.K. and The Leader.

    P.S. Don’t forget Blue Hulk is coming to Marvel in 2010 or 2011. So whoever isn’t Red Hulk will be in line for being this new character. Don’t forget this Blue Hulk was initially created by Jeph Loeb’s daughter Audrey having adventures with both Green Hulk and Red Hulk in the backup story. This character is due to have a larger role in the sequel to Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers in the New Year. If the character connects with the Marvel audience the character could be written into Marvel-616 Universe.

    Interesting trivia fact. This is the second time that a Blue Hulk has been created. The first was created by a British comic company and the title of the comic was TV Comic. This was done in the late 70’s to cash in on the popular Hulk TV series. The character was called The Incredible Bulk. Get it? Blue+Hulk=BULK. I have several old comics and one annual featuring this character. I wonder if they will be worth anthing if Marvel’s version takes off? I’d imagine that this character was created with Marvel’s blessing.

    1. That is interesting about the Blue hulk. I heard about that. I heard that those UK comics also did verison of the tv Hulk in their comics. Interesting point about each new hulk getting stronger. When you say Ryker is unknowningly testing for Modok do you mean he is keeping tabs on Ryker or something else? If he knows I am guessing you think he might double cross Osborne.

  5. I think that they did their version in a comic/magazine called Look-In. It was based on the TV series.

    Regarding General Ryker, I think he is the guy who is testing the theories of M.OD.O.K. and The Leader. I think he is seeing what works and what doesn’t. What works goes into the next test subject. But, I don’t think he knows he is doing their bidding as in the first issue of The Gamma Corps he sends The Gamma Corps to kill Flux who was being held as a guinea pig by A.I.M. (run by drumroll please, M.O.D.OK.). Or he does, and it was a test to see if they were ready to take on the Hulk. With Marvel, it could go either way.

  6. P.S. Don’t forget, General Ryker cares only about himself. It might be revealed that he is a deep undercover agent for M.O.D.O.K. and The Leader. Playing them off against Osbourne would be easy for this man. Remember, in the Marvel Universe at least, he planned the assassination of JFK and was part of the Weapon X Project. They could be promising to restore his wife Lucy that could be the reason why he (is possibly) working for them.

  7. That is a interesting article. I wonder what he thinks now that Gamma issue came out on Wendesday.I will reserve my theories until Ratchet posts his review.

  8. Hi Zeno, I have read Fall of The Hulks Gamma. I found it very interesting. ****** being ******** is I think, a dead certainity. ********* coming back is I think a ******. ***** could well be another LMD. Still agreeing with Mr Miller. Ratchet, I thought you were putting your review for this issue out today? What happened?

    1. I said Monday – it’s not Monday – thanks for jumping the gun! Just for that – your comment will be edited to erase all spoilers!

      You gotta learn some patience, my friend!

  9. Ratchet I wanted to show you a link in relation to this picture. It reminded me of something I had seen a month or two earlier. Here is the link http://www.treasurycomics.com/gallery/gallery MARVELtreasury7476.htm# .

    Look at the cover of Marvel Treasury no 8 Superhero holiday grab bag. See the Hulk in the Santa suit? Maybe you could post this cover on your site.

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