Burger King Hulk Toy (2009)

Burger King Hulk SHS Figure

Thank you Gammapup – when you mentioned this toy weeks ago I hopped in my car and drove straight to BK – only to find out that they did not have him in… and the story was the same at the following 6 BKs I tried.  Even worse, I continued to visit these BKs, and any others I came across in my travels, for the next few weeks asking for this guy!

In the Original Packaging

When did I find him?  Today.  I was in Dartmouth, taking my wife to lunch, and I spotted a BK that I hadn’t been in.  Before dropping her off at work again I quickly ran in – and he was there!  I might have skipped back to my car.  My wife knew I found what I had been looking for – so she wasn’t even angry when I dropped her off late from her break!  These glow in the dark toys are cool – there is a little button on the back that, when pushed, will make his arms go back and forth.  Classic.  Thank you Burger King!

Hulk and the Surfer!
Sweet! Go get this toy!

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7 thoughts on “Burger King Hulk Toy (2009)

  1. That is quite an awesome little toy that Burger King are doing. How many figures in total are BK doing? Do they come in single figures or in packs of two?

  2. Hi Ratch-glad you got him-yeah I think it’s a cool little figure.Hi King Hulk Marco-there were four toys released in all, First week-Captain America,Second week Silver Surfer, Third week(finally) the HULK and I’m guessing next week a Light-up Unibeam(not a figure) its a little flashlight gadget with Iron Man’s image on it-take care-Mike

  3. Thanks Mike, you are a star! McDonalds have pretty much destroyed Burger King in the area where I live so it will be pretty hard for me to get it. I will see what I can do though. Marco

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