In Honor of the First!

I love my TIH #1 – it is the jewel of my collection, I love it more than the air I breathe.  It’s true… But this is not the only #1 in the collection that features the Hulk – so here is a gallery of the #1’s that every Hulk fan should have!

That’s right – Avengers #1.  One of the best, classic and important books in the MU.  Now onto some covers you haven’t seen yet on this site!  First, a bit of history… 1999 was a desperate year for the Marvel heroes – and in an attempt to again grasp their once huge sales they re-numbered their titles – and here are the #1’s from that era.

Hulk #1 - 1999 - Regular Cover
Hulk #1 - 1999 - Sunburst Cover
Hulk #1 - 1999 - Dynamic Forces Gold Foil Variant

Now, there are a few other #1’s that deserve some notice:

Marvel Age Hulk #1
Hulk Unchained #1

Now – more kiddie friendly comics, I’m sure everyone is familiar with the Marvel Adventures titles – and here is the Hulk #1

Marvel Adventures Hulk #1

But before these hit the stands – back in the 90’s Marvel released the Marvel Adventures title before – but the Hulk wasn’t featured in each issue.  He did, however, appear as the first hero featured to launch the title!

Marvel Adventures #1

Now – Here’s a #1 that’s not a Hulk!  But Hulk plays such an important part of the series!  It’s Heroes Reborn: Iron Man #1 – the Hulk variant!  I love this cover – much better than the original, regular cover!

Iron Man #1 - Hulk Variant

Of course the heroes would eventually return to the 616 Universe – and the re-start of the Avengers had a variant “sunburst” cover that featured most of the original members… and Cap.

Heroes Reborn: Avengers #1 - Sunburst Cover

Speaking of the Avengers… and it’s original Members!

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes #1

Or how about some reprints?  Marvel LOVES to reprint their older stories, for instance – Upper Deck had a re-print of TIH#1 (1962) with a pretty interesting cover:

Hulk #1 - Upper Deck Variant Cover

And last but not least – a re-print of the first 6 issues, collected in one book, re-coloring the original Grey Hulk as Green.  Released in 1982 – The Incredible Hulk:

The Incredible Hulk #1

 So, I hope you enjoyed the special treat I prepared for you Hulk fans!  Here’s to having a great 2010 – and I will be back on Monday with Hulk collectibles to make you guys drool!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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8 thoughts on “In Honor of the First!

  1. There’s 2 first ish that missing The Rampaging Hulk Mag and comic. To KHM, I read your remark on the Hulk movie bust and Happy New Year to you and your Family.

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