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Fantastic Four #25 (1964)

Fantastic Four #25

The Thing and Hulk have fought many, many times – and I picked this up over a year ago, just never showed it off – and there are certain issues that every Hulk fan SHOULD have in his or her (I won’t forget you ladies!) collection.  The early Thing/Hulk fights are certainly some of them!  Just to be clear here – we’re talking FF #12, FF #25 and #26 and let’s add in FF #112 – for the cover alone!  I will have to post that issue later on – but for now gaze in the glory of FF #25 and the Kirby art!  The most famous part of this issue is that Stan Lee calls Bruce Banner “Bob”.  Later, they change his name to Robert Bruce Banner – all because Stan Lee forgot the name of the alter ego to his greatest creation!

Ummm… Part 34 – the Sequel

You guys might remember I posted a pic of these guys riding on the subway – well here’s another shot.  The Human Troch still looks nothing like a guy on fire, to me.