Fantastic Four #25 (1964)

Fantastic Four #25

The Thing and Hulk have fought many, many times – and I picked this up over a year ago, just never showed it off – and there are certain issues that every Hulk fan SHOULD have in his or her (I won’t forget you ladies!) collection.  The early Thing/Hulk fights are certainly some of them!  Just to be clear here – we’re talking FF #12, FF #25 and #26 and let’s add in FF #112 – for the cover alone!  I will have to post that issue later on – but for now gaze in the glory of FF #25 and the Kirby art!  The most famous part of this issue is that Stan Lee calls Bruce Banner “Bob”.  Later, they change his name to Robert Bruce Banner – all because Stan Lee forgot the name of the alter ego to his greatest creation!

9 responses to “Fantastic Four #25 (1964)

  1. A Happy New Year to you and your family! I hope that in 2010 we finally see your review of all 3 Superman/Hulk encounters, as well as Batman, Green Lantern and Pitt. I’m almost sure you’ll get a lot of responses to the above mention.

  2. King Hulk Marco

    Hi Mike, first things first. Happy New Year to you and your family. Don’t know if you saw my previous entry but I have Koto bust no. 1778 of 2000. I too look forward to our gammabro’s review on these titles. So how are you young man?

  3. KHM- I’m chilling, no doubt. By the way did you read comment 7 of “in honor of” sec. One more thing before I go, who’s mike and I’m an OLD fart, lol.

  4. King Hulk Marco

    Hello my friend, I have read this comment and gone off to read the other comment. So thanks! I was under the impression from reading your entries that your real name was Mike. If I am wrong then I have made an error on a Jeph Loeb scale and apologize. If you don’t mind me asking what is your real name? PS Regarding age, in a few years time I will be 40, so I can relate. I am the original Old Fart, trust me.

  5. KHM-no sweat on the error dude. For personal reasons I rather not give my name, but if your a “die hard” Hulk fan you would find my name in #465. I got ya beat in age too, happy hunting.

  6. Holy moley! I’ve never heard that “Bob” story. Thanks Ratchet.

  7. King Hulk Marco

    No problem my friend, I will look it up when I get back from work. Take care.

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