Koto Hulk Movie Bust (2008)

Koto bust still in Styrofoam

Here’s a little story – I went into a store on the Cape and saw this guy sitting there.  I asked about the price.  The man quoted me $75.  While I am certainly a Hulk fan, I’m also not an idiot.  This piece was not worth $75 – and by that I mean it would never hold its value.  3 months later I went back into the same store – and there was the same bust, still sitting in it’s original spot.  I am sure of this because I talked to the man behind the counter for a while.  In the discussion he told me that the price was still $75 and that he wasn’t willing to work on the price.  Now let’s remember – the comic and collectible industry is unlike any other – as in, the price tag doesn’t always mean that’s the price.  It’s not like the GAP where you can’t haggle on the price of your jeans.  Stores that don’t haggle really risk losing repeat customers.  And it’s a shame too – because there aren’t too many comic shops on the Cape.  As in – there is one.

Hulk bust in all it's glory!

While this may make the owner feel comfortable in charging whatever he wants – it’s only a matter of time before there is some competition or, even worse, people just stop buying comics.  Let’s get back to this bust though… the retail was certainly off – the sculpt just wasn’t there to compete with Bowen’s masterfully done pieces.  So, like any smart shopper… I waited…  I waited for one to pop up on ebay for a really decent price.

The white dots all over it is Styrofoam - I had to pack it back up after taking pictures so I didn't bother cleaning it up.

Now, how do I feel about this piece, now that I have received it?  Well, I do think it looks better in person and I think it looks WAY better then the FS movie statue they released.  The sculpt is better – I’m not such a huge fan of the Chiclets teeth – but the rest of the bust is actually pretty sweet!  I wish they had added the plate to the bust – rather than having you do it once you open the bust – but that’s not a huge issue.  The light-up feature is kind of cool – not too sure if I will use it very often – but it is a nice touch.

Back of bust - pretty damn sweet

I was able to snag this and another bust I will post next week for prices I didn’t just consider fair – but a steal!  Since I bought 2 pieces at the same time – I was able to save on shipping as well!  Something to think about!  But – both these busts are packed away again – the house still has construction going on and that means the Hulk room is still out of commission.

The Light up Marquee

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12 thoughts on “Koto Hulk Movie Bust (2008)

  1. I know, I found it stupid that you has the customer had to put the name plate on yourself. What’s the point? That should be standard.

  2. hey Ratch-Is the “other” bust the SDCC exclusive??If it’s not ,you should try and get your hands on that one,I actually like it better then the “light-up” version.

    1. Really? There is one on the bay right now for less than I have ever seen it before – but I don’t know if I wanted to pull the trigger…

  3. I just checked it out on ebay-that is a good price I paid almost double that when it first came out,this one is not as tall as the light-up one because the bust is on top of film canisters(which I thought was kinda cool) and the Hulk’s facial features are different, I liked it-Mike

    1. I might do it – but there is still a lot to be released – and with everything coming out – not sure I will be getting it.

  4. …and the SIDESHOW HULK Bust is going up for pre-order tomorrow ,I don’t know if there’s an exclusive or not but I bet it’s goona be EXPENSIVE!!!!!

    1. Yup – not sure if I am going to get it – I’m pretty set to wait and see what the secondary prices on it are going to be. For some reason I am not so pumped about the SS product like I am about the Bowen’s. I can hardly wait for the Bowen Planet Hulk to be released!

    1. Here’s the thing – I have seen this on SF – it is an amazing sculpt to be sure – but the good news is that they will have a green Hulk that matches the Red to make a dio. I will NOT be picking up the Red Hulk – but cannot wait to see the Green Hulk as this looks like as amazing sculpt!

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