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Great Site!


Found this site featuring an amazing collection of original art – click on the image to be taken there!

A Week of Marvel Masterworks! Hulk Style! (2003)

Marvel Masterworks Volume 8

Limited... Really Limited

There are a ton of these things released – I remember when they first came out and how they were such a big deal!  LCS’s don’t really make a big deal out of them anymore – because they are so hard to sell.  It’s basically a hard cover trade, just… extra expensive!  I actually like them – and sure, I have not paid actual price on ANY of them – but I might have… well, maybe not.  With TPB becoming increasingly more expensive themselves – these don’t look so bad anymore!  They also started numbering them differently – now they go by volume by each different title – while at first they were numbered by releases.  Not to mention Extremely limited!  In fact, the MM Vol 8 Incredible Hulk is limited to only 620 copies.

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