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Marvel Masterworks – Hulk at his Best!

MM Incredible Hulk #103 - #110

1600 copies... so only 1599 others out there!

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Alright – here is the next set of Hulk MM. I picked up these ones for pretty cheap – and think these are great books – just a really decent presentation of the early Hulk books that are easy to read and nice to look at! Again – each of the green cover books are limited – while the silver cover below is not. I kind of feel like they should not have reprinted these with a different cover – especially when you consider their hefty retail.  Now, for anyone collecting these out there the MM below is the latest volume to be released.  I’m not sure how far they will go with these – but I would be happy if they got through the Trimpe era…

MM Incredible Hulk #111- 121

Interesting - only 1176 copies...

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Here is the silver cover to Volume 5 – now they have numbered all of the MM – the rare covers are numbered differently – Volume 4 is Volume #78 and Volume 5 is actually Volume #115 – while I don’t collect every MM – I believe the number represents the number of books they have released.  I would like to see a pic of all the released books on one shelf – does any of my readers have them?

Well, we are half way through the MM week – and since this is the last of the Hulk MM – what could I possibly have in store for you tomorrow?  Well, well, well – come back to find out!

MM Volume 5

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