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Journey into Mystery with the Mighty Thor (1965)

Journey into Mystery with the Mighty Thor #112

Since I was talking about this book in the earlier post then I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to show you my copy of JIM #112.  I found this issue in Rhode Island on my first trip to the Time Capsule.  A shop that has a constantly revolving silver age wall – they do have a Incredible Hulk #3 for $800 – it’s a beauty to look at!  I wish I could afford it!  But this is a great issue – for anyone who has read it you would know that the Hulk and Thor don’t actually fight in this issue – but instead a group of whipper-snappers ask Thor what it was like to fight the Hulk and he re-counts the fight he had in Avengers #3.  The Hulk actually lifts Thor’s hammer – yup, it’s true!  I mean, sure, Thor’s Hammer had lost it’s enchantment for 5 minutes… but he did lift the thing!

Marvel Masterworks – More to Pick Up!

MM Avengers

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Any self respecting Hulk fan will of course have the Avengers MM in their collection… of course any self respecting Hulk fan would also have the Defenders MM in their collection – but, like I said earlier, I WILL get them!  Anyways, the above is the First Edition gold foil cover – Volume ___ while below is the Thor MM silver cover.  The greatest part of the Hulk vs Thor is you see a different perspective of the Avengers #3.  That is why I have shown these 2 together.  Besides – the JIM MM has the first appearance of Absorbing Man – one of the better MU villains – never mind the better Hulk villain!

Journey Into Mystery MM

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