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Jeph Loeb REALLY Needs to Stop Writing the Hulk…

Here is a preview of Ultimate X coming out next month – written by the ignoble Jeph Loeb.  Ignoble… look it up 🙂

Hulk Stackable Key Chain (2009)

Hulk Key Chain

Nothing really interesting to say about this… except that it looks like Curley from the 3 stooges.  I bought Curley – umm… Hulk here at Newbury comics some many months ago – but have had more exciting things to post.  See, that’s one of the untold issues with a blog – sure you can post pictures – but it’s all about what you blog!  It has to be funny or interesting or both!  It’s a lot of pressure people!  Sometimes I almost cry!

Nyuck, Nyuck, Nyuck!

Alright, maybe I don’t almost cry… but what do you want in a post about a Hulk key chain?  Real literature?  Be happy you’re getting coherent sentences!  Be happy you’re not reading something like: Hulk when tree shift nothing