Jeph Loeb REALLY Needs to Stop Writing the Hulk…

Here is a preview of Ultimate X coming out next month – written by the ignoble Jeph Loeb.  Ignoble… look it up 🙂

13 responses to “Jeph Loeb REALLY Needs to Stop Writing the Hulk…

  1. Look on the bright side, Ratchet. It is at least it’s in the Ultimate universe instead of the regluar Marvel one. It will not be our characters.

  2. Mr.Hulk_Smashin'!

    This might be “Nerd Hulk” which Tony Stark cloned the Hulk and gave him Banner’s Mind

  3. Nerd Hulk is Green. He more or less has a very “Professor” look to him.

  4. Loeb NEEDS a Hulk Punch in the Face. The current ‘toons on Marvel characters are way more interesting than any of the comics Marvel craps out.

  5. Oh no, he’s at it again!

  6. A big Gay… I Mean GRay! Hulk.

  7. This is NOTHING compared to April’s Hulk solicitations. Ther is no Incredible title that month and there is a title called H.O.H. im assuming it means House Of Hulk. But I could be wrong though but the first half of cover features Deadpool, Spidey Werewolf By Night as Hulks among a few others! Also the Deadpool Hulk is featured on World War Hulks 1. This event has really jumped the shark in a big way!

    • Do you think that might H.O.H comic might be a hoax?It’s hard to see how it could more of a spoiler than the other previews they give. This could be a “april fool’s joke”.

      • Another observation on this. It says H.O.H issues 1 and 2 for this month. In the advertisments last month it said fall of the hulks would include Hulk 22 and Incredible Hulk 609. Now these “two” issues are no longer on the list. These new fake issues are the Hoax of Hulks. That is what H.O.H might stand for.

  8. Than why is Deadpool hulk on World War Hulks 1?

    • It is only a cover. Also even assuming there is a deadpool hulk it does not make anything else on the H.O.H. the cover true. And once again this is just the cover. My theory of course may be wrong.

  9. Bring it on is all I can say.

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