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Don’t forget about this one completists!

Avengers/Atlas variant cover

The Avengers / Atlas comic this past week had a variant cover this week featuring our ever loving Jade friend!  The strange part being, he doesn’t actually appear in the issue.  But if you are a sucker completist like myself – then make sure you pick this one up!

Incredible Hulk #606 (2010) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #606

You’re supposed to read this issue first – now, at the end of 605 Skaar is considered a hero – and here they throw him a parade.  But Banner sees Betty in the crowd.  He jumps off the float – but is unable to find her.  Reed is worried that it was some sort of trick – but Bruce knows it was her – it wasn’t a LMD or anything.  Bruce teleports to New Mexico to see the Red Hulk.  The Red Hulk asks why Bruce isn’t in Latervia – Bruce asks why he isn’t in NY.  Then Bruce shoots the Red Hulk in the face with an Old Power Taser.  He tells him that he saw Betty – and the Red Hulk tells him to stay focused.  They have a few more words – a pretty great conversation – the Red Hulk actually seems smart and menacing – not like in the Loeb book where he just seems one-dimensional and stupid.

Bruce sees Betty... is that a banana in his pocket?

So – the Hulk heads to Latervia and on the next page we see the Green Hulk break through the castle wall, attacking Doom.  They battle for a few pages – but Doom comes out victorious – and I don’t know about you – but I knew it was the Hulk robot even before I read the issue – but still – Skaar does not.  So, as Doom is about to lay a final blow Skaar comes out swinging.  Doom and Skaar battle – but Doom throws Skaar’s sword at the Hulk and stops it inches away from his head.  Skaar turns his attention from Doom and Doom attacks.  Using magic he beats on Skaar and reveals that the Hulk is actually a robot.  Skaar reverts back into a child – and Doom is about to kill him when Bruce comes to the rescue.

Hulk Robot takes on Doom

Bruce surrounds everyone in a Gamma Bubble – making it impossible for Doom to use his machines – which Doom scoffs at because he still has his spells – unless of course he can’t remember them – which he can’t – because the robot Hulk, in which Doom absorbed the cosmic power from – also had a some poison – put there by the Leader – who sent the robot to take out one of the 8 smartest people… Doom being… I don’t know… #7? 

Doom threatens to kill the Hulk

The robot Hulk comes back to life to take Doom away.  Bruce tries to reach out to child Skaar – but Skaar is still angry.  Angry at Bruce – basically for loving Betty so much that he doesn’t care about anyone else.  Big Skaar comes back and Bruce tells him they need to go save the Avengers.

Doom - realizing he's the bitch in a Banner/Leader sandwich...

I love that Pak came back – I love his writing – I love his character development – I would have his child if he asked… but thanks for the great issue – I love when Doom’s ego gets bruised – and here it gets severed!  Grade: B+

Another Hulk "killed" by a Red Hulk

There is also a back up story about the Red She Hulk – she fights the actual She Hulk – and the ending has Jen dying – pretty shocking!  Check it out!

Variant Covers for Hulk #19 and TIH #606

Hulk #19 (2010) – The Review

Hulk #19

Here we go – the first issue of the new year! I hate to say it – I wasn’t overly excited about either issue… this or TIH #606. But here we go – buckle up! First off, you should read TIH #606 before delving into this issue. I’m still not sure why – but that’s what I was told. Anyways, we are faced with the FF – and one by one they are attacked by a the Wizard, Lyra, Klaw and the Trapster. Wizard gets busy opening the portal to the negative zone – which is bad… REAL bad – like the shutting down of the containment unit in Ghost Busters bad.  But the plan set into action is a simple one – take out the 8 smartest men – Reed Richards being #1.  Of course – if that was so easy – wouldn’t it have happened long ago?  Oh wait, my bad – I was looking for competence in Loeb’s writing… but he is beyond that…

The Thing gets a surprise helper...

I wonder if the Red Hulk's hands are sweaty...

Thing is about to get sucked into the negative zone when the Red Hulk – who is helping people now – saves him.  Samson, looking on from their base, starts to have a tantrum and says he will kill the Red Hulk himself – but Red She Hulk slaps him around until M.O.D.O.C.K. gives her a bigger spanking.  Anyways, back to the Thing – he tells the Red Hulk he couldn’t wait to fight him since he’s heard of him, to, you know, give him some real competition.  And he actually has a bit of a chance since Loeb’s new-power-of-the-week absorbing power of the Red Hulk’s soaks in the energy of the negative zone and it weakens him.  But the Red Hulk convinces the Thing that he is there to help – and he does – by closing the negative zone with the Thing. 

The Thing taking on the Red Hulk... and actually doing a pretty good job...

So the Frightful Four kidnap Reed.  The Red Hulk threatens Banner – because he says Banner knew the negative Zone energy would weaken him – Banner says that he won’t do anything because stopping the Intelligencia hinges on him.  The Red Hulk admits – in narration – that he’s not trying to stop the plan – that he wants it to succeed.

The Red Hulk... being cryptic.

After reading this issue I have a feeling I know why Loeb was fired from Heroes.  Because has no ability to make a mystery exciting, suspenseful – or fun.  Even if he pulls off a great ending, the point is – the ride was bad.  If he never writes the Hulk again it will be too soon.  He can’t leave fast enough.  And – please, someone fire his daughter from writing those horrid cartoons at the end.  They aren’t funny – they make no sense – they aren’t cute – and most of the time they make me want to punch a puppy. 

Variant Covers for Hulk #19 and TIH #606

Wow – I need to calm down.  This issue was… interesting enough – but I still wouldn’t call it any good.  4 of Loeb’s issues are like one issue of another comic.  Grade: C+