Incredible Hulk #606 (2010) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #606

You’re supposed to read this issue first – now, at the end of 605 Skaar is considered a hero – and here they throw him a parade.  But Banner sees Betty in the crowd.  He jumps off the float – but is unable to find her.  Reed is worried that it was some sort of trick – but Bruce knows it was her – it wasn’t a LMD or anything.  Bruce teleports to New Mexico to see the Red Hulk.  The Red Hulk asks why Bruce isn’t in Latervia – Bruce asks why he isn’t in NY.  Then Bruce shoots the Red Hulk in the face with an Old Power Taser.  He tells him that he saw Betty – and the Red Hulk tells him to stay focused.  They have a few more words – a pretty great conversation – the Red Hulk actually seems smart and menacing – not like in the Loeb book where he just seems one-dimensional and stupid.

Bruce sees Betty... is that a banana in his pocket?

So – the Hulk heads to Latervia and on the next page we see the Green Hulk break through the castle wall, attacking Doom.  They battle for a few pages – but Doom comes out victorious – and I don’t know about you – but I knew it was the Hulk robot even before I read the issue – but still – Skaar does not.  So, as Doom is about to lay a final blow Skaar comes out swinging.  Doom and Skaar battle – but Doom throws Skaar’s sword at the Hulk and stops it inches away from his head.  Skaar turns his attention from Doom and Doom attacks.  Using magic he beats on Skaar and reveals that the Hulk is actually a robot.  Skaar reverts back into a child – and Doom is about to kill him when Bruce comes to the rescue.

Hulk Robot takes on Doom

Bruce surrounds everyone in a Gamma Bubble – making it impossible for Doom to use his machines – which Doom scoffs at because he still has his spells – unless of course he can’t remember them – which he can’t – because the robot Hulk, in which Doom absorbed the cosmic power from – also had a some poison – put there by the Leader – who sent the robot to take out one of the 8 smartest people… Doom being… I don’t know… #7? 

Doom threatens to kill the Hulk

The robot Hulk comes back to life to take Doom away.  Bruce tries to reach out to child Skaar – but Skaar is still angry.  Angry at Bruce – basically for loving Betty so much that he doesn’t care about anyone else.  Big Skaar comes back and Bruce tells him they need to go save the Avengers.

Doom - realizing he's the bitch in a Banner/Leader sandwich...

I love that Pak came back – I love his writing – I love his character development – I would have his child if he asked… but thanks for the great issue – I love when Doom’s ego gets bruised – and here it gets severed!  Grade: B+

Another Hulk "killed" by a Red Hulk

There is also a back up story about the Red She Hulk – she fights the actual She Hulk – and the ending has Jen dying – pretty shocking!  Check it out!

Variant Covers for Hulk #19 and TIH #606

12 responses to “Incredible Hulk #606 (2010) – The Review

  1. King Hulk Marco

    It was another solid issue by Greg Pak. I am interested if this is going to be viewed as big as Planet Hulk in the years to come.

    • It was a great issue. Speaking of Planet Hulk, I was rereading Hulk annual 12 by Bill Mantlo and it is very similar to Planet Hulk. The most interesting thing is the race of aliens who run the planet look alot like the Imperials of Planet Hulk. The Planet Hulk guidebook says the Imperials may have come from another planet. Perhaps they are the same race. Ratchet, I really think you should review this issue.

    • When did the Eternals retrieve the Hulk robot ?
      Doom found it after Eternals 16 and used it
      in F.F. 320 and TIH 350. Is it possible that
      Doom didn’t just find it as he tells the Hulk
      in TIH 350 but was among the artifacts he took
      from the Leader and company. It seems to me
      that the Eternals wouldn’t just leave it lying
      around for anyone to find and would have
      retrieved it after their battle with Dromedan.
      Even though weapons weren’t given to him to
      store it is possible Doom raided their weapons cache after he defeated the Intelligentsia.

      Since when is the robot charged with the Power
      Cosmic ? It was powered by cosmic energy from
      the Uni Mind in the Eternals. This was spent
      after Eternals 16. The Intelligentsia could have
      infused it with cosmic energy in the same
      manner that the Red Hulk was created but isn’t
      cosmic energy and the Power Cosmic two
      different things ? In Fall of the Hulks Alpha
      they refer to cosmic and gamma radiation
      creating the Red Hulk. That suggests the
      same cosmic rays which created the F.F.

      • Anthony, perhaps I can answer your questions. It is easy to assume that the Hulk robot in 35o was not the same one as the Eternals. If Doom said so he probably lied. 350 was long before Doom turned on the intel. As to how it is powered,the Unimind itself probably uses the power cosmic. I dont know for sure. And cosmic rays are not the same type of energy as the “power cosmic” itself. I hope that helps.

      • Also they probably wanted the Red Hulk to activate it because they wanted to see how much damage it could to do him.

  2. Actually I was only asking King Hulk if he read the annual. I understand you have other stuff to talk about. It wasn’t meant to pressure you to review it. The part about moving the posts to this area was addressed to both of you.

  3. To Brother Zeno, I am here. Thinking about it, is Hulk Annual #12 the one where the Hulk helps a gentle race of green beings from a horde of savage barbarians? The Hulk saves the princess (who is the daughter of a magician). She as the power to control plant life. Which she uses to beat the bad guys.

    • You are close. There is no magician parent nor does she control planets. You might be thinking the Gardener fellow.This story occurs when Bruce could turn into the Hulk but keep his mind.The green lady leads her people. They are from a different religion that the red skin rulers who overtook the planet. She believe the hulk is going to be their saviour. The Red guys even have arena fights like the red imperials do in Planet Hulk.

  4. PS Which out for Hulk vs The Wrecking Crew one-shot. Should be good.

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