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Battle Action Hulk (2003)

Battle Action Hulk

On an impulse stop at Comically Speaking I saw this huge mother on the shelf. The sculpt of this figure is pretty great – and the best part – it’s not just “battle action!” There is Punching Action, Kicking Action AND Smashing Action! You take the joy stick provided and press the trigger to make the Hulk do any of the motions displayed on the front. I like how the joy stick has a little Hulk face on it.

Angry Joy Stick!

But surely the best part is the size of this figure. The large Hulk figures we got for the 2008 were a little less than lack luster. I was not only disapointed by the sculpt – but the paint job and coloring – this figure is way better – it doesn’t have the neon green and lazy eye issues the 2008 does. I even like the “screaming” open mouth expression.  Top-notch character all the way!

Hulk Figure Up Close