Battle Action Hulk (2003)

Battle Action Hulk

On an impulse stop at Comically Speaking I saw this huge mother on the shelf. The sculpt of this figure is pretty great – and the best part – it’s not just “battle action!” There is Punching Action, Kicking Action AND Smashing Action! You take the joy stick provided and press the trigger to make the Hulk do any of the motions displayed on the front. I like how the joy stick has a little Hulk face on it.

Angry Joy Stick!

But surely the best part is the size of this figure. The large Hulk figures we got for the 2008 were a little less than lack luster. I was not only disapointed by the sculpt – but the paint job and coloring – this figure is way better – it doesn’t have the neon green and lazy eye issues the 2008 does. I even like the “screaming” open mouth expression.  Top-notch character all the way!

Hulk Figure Up Close

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6 thoughts on “Battle Action Hulk (2003)

  1. hey Ratch-glad you’re feeling better-I LOVE this figure-and I have to agree with you the merchandise/figures from Ang Lee’s 2003 movie are so much better than the merchandise/figures from the Leterrier 2008 version-I’m probably one of handful of HULK fans that liked the ’03 version just as much (maybe a bit more then the ’08 version) any way I don’t want to start a big debate over which film or figures were better-I just think HASBRO did a lousy job on the new figures…but did a great job on the HULK Fin Fang Foom BAF.TakeCare-Mike

  2. Yep Ryan, this is an amazing hulk figure! And yeah, 2003 figures killed the 2008. Hasbro surley let us hulk fans down with that line. The toy biz line had also had the 2 greatest hulk figures ever, the 13 inch roto cast hulks! They simply cant be beat!
    And gammapup, I watched 2003 hulk 2 night ago as my wife had never seen it. Been puting it off as I really thought it was woefull. But i gotta say, i liked it far more than i remembered. Yeah some crap parts, like hulk growing big, the ending with the giant jelly fish and many more, but I liked how it was pretty dark. Was not a kids film at all. And while I love the 2008 film, I’m still waiting for the deffinative hulk movie. No one seems to get it right! they always have to change something! while i liiked movie abominaition, did they really have to change him? do we have to base fantasy movies in reality and make realistic answers out of made up nonsense??? I doubt we will ever see a 3rd hulk mive, but if we do, I hope they get it perfect!

  3. hey Hulksmash666-gotta agree with you on getting the hulk movie(s) right,I was thinking the same thing -that the HULK movie franchise was dead…BUT head over to Kevin Feige talks about upcoming Marvel movies and not to rule out a 3rd Hulk movie-or being in the Avengers movie he didn’t say what year but it’s still good news
    And Ratch I don’t know if you collect these (I think they’re kinda ugly-But it’s Hulk so I gotta collect’em)Toys r Us is releasing wave 6 of their mini-mates 6 or 8 figures in all one of the two-packs is Mr.Fantastic and World War Hulk-I ‘m not sure of the release date-if I find out I’ll let you know-Take Care-Mike

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