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Old Man Logan Mini-mates 2-Pack (2010)

Logan and Hawkeye Minimates

I know this really isn’t Hulk – but it’s related indirectly – so… anyways, TRU has the exclusives to the minimates – and yes to all who have told me about the Planet Hulk Minimates coming out – I have seen it and think it looks cool!  Man, I have been so busy lately – but have a lot of pretty grand things to show you guys… I just have to find the time to take pictures and post them!  Anyways, this storyline was one of the best to come out of Marvel in a long time – yes, there are issues you can take with the details, such as the Hulk having an entire inbred family – and the Hulk eating Logan at the end – even though he has an adamantium skeleton… but all in all – it was bloody, graphic and awesome!