Tower Records Exclusive Hulk Transformation Bust (2003)

Tower Exclusive... transforming bust

Yes, I know – there was no post yesterday.  I have been busy putting the Hulk room back in order.  After about 4 months the construction is almost finished which means I can put the room back to it’s Hulky glorious ways!  Pictures will follow shortly… But, a while back I showed you the Koto bust, telling you that I was able to snag TWO busts for an amazing deal.  This was the other bust – a bust that I swore I would never own… mainly because of just how ugly it is!  But I am happy to say, I picked this up for a basic steal!  But I am happy to have picked this up – I can’t say it’s a favorite – but it’s the only bust of it’s kind as it’s the only bust I know of showing the Hulk in mid-transformation.

I can’t imagine the kind of stretch marks Banner must have… you know, from transforming back and forth all these years – not to mention how loose the skin must be – like a fat guy who loses 300 pounds in a month.  Ugh… that’s so gross…

Stretch to the right! Your other right...

Anyways, the bust was a Tower Records exclusive – but maybe it was decisions like this that inevitably made them go out of business.  I mean, they really didn’t think this would sell, did they?  The other problem is that they made a TON of them.  I mean, the days of 5,000 releases are over – and thank goodness!  That’s hardly limited, considering the amount of people who collect comic related merchandise.

But here it is – the other bust I had to show off – I know, it’s not that impressive – mainly because it’s so ugly – but it’s still a piece of the collection.  So enjoy!  I wonder – how many other Hulk fanatics out there bought this bust?  What are your thoughts on it?

Don't turn your back on me!

8 responses to “Tower Records Exclusive Hulk Transformation Bust (2003)

  1. I got this bust for one penny. Honest. It was an eBay auction where the guy started the bidding at one cent and I was the only bidder. The shipping was very reasonable, too; not inflated like some sellers do. So, if you can get this bust for $.01, I say, go for it–it’s definitely worth it.
    Yeah–it’s not that good. 😦

  2. I got mine for christmas a couple years ago. My mom bought it at yard sale for $5.00

  3. King Hulk Marco

    Damn your eyes! You are so lucky!

  4. well what can i say yes its ugly but in a cool way…. i have never seen anything like this before but its a must have for any true hulk fan. WELL DONE you crafty git for getting hold of one.

  5. got it when it first came out-yep FULL price…and it’s still ugly!

  6. Displayed together with the other version it’s kinda cool but the grainy, rough finish on it detracts from it a bit !.
    Got it for about $20.
    Still quite like it but not in my top 10 !.

  7. For an interesting contrast, display it with Adam Hughes’ transformation She-Hulk statue. Pathos & comedy together in 3 dimensions!

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