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The Incredible Hulk #165 Cover Re-Creation (2010)

The amazing work of Tom Smith!

I’m pretty confident that IF the owner of this classic cover ever decided to sell it – it would cost more than I can spend in a single decade – so I did the best next thing.  I found an artist that does amazing cover re-creations.  His work is fantastic – and was gracious enough to give me discounted price for my first piece from him.  When I opened the envelope I was stunned at the awesomeness of what I saw.  Tom Smith is an amazing artist that everyone should check out – here is his website:

He can do any cover – it will looks as stunning as this one does.  I asked Tom about his process – and he said this:

Hi Ryan, So glad you like it!!! I basically do what an inker does… I take the reference I have of the original art through a process so when I am done I have what is similar to the pencil art and then I ink it on a light table just like an inker would. I have always had extremely good control of my pens and brushes which is the key to getting the nice line quality you see, I learned that control as an animator over 20 years. I also draw the title logo and whatever I can but I want to make sure that the word balloons look like the comic so I usually print them out on the same bristol board that I draw on so I can get it as close as possible to the original. Most companies just use a Xerox of the title Logo and paste on paper stats for the word balloons but I take the time to do the title logo by hand. Word Balloons are tricky and if you aren’t a pro letterer it looks cheap and ruins the recreation in my opinion. I see many people doing recreations but they try to draw even the comic code and that is NEVER drawn by hand so I don’t think it should be on a recreation either 😉 If there is anything else you would like don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks, Tom”

Thought it was interesting enough to share.  I love this huge piece – glad I got it – I’m not sure I would pick up another one… and if I did which cover to pick… but I am glad I got this.  I will be back tomorrow with my review of the Planet Hulk DVD!

Aquon... such an under used character