The Incredible Hulk #165 Cover Re-Creation (2010)

The amazing work of Tom Smith!

I’m pretty confident that IF the owner of this classic cover ever decided to sell it – it would cost more than I can spend in a single decade – so I did the best next thing.  I found an artist that does amazing cover re-creations.  His work is fantastic – and was gracious enough to give me discounted price for my first piece from him.  When I opened the envelope I was stunned at the awesomeness of what I saw.  Tom Smith is an amazing artist that everyone should check out – here is his website:

He can do any cover – it will looks as stunning as this one does.  I asked Tom about his process – and he said this:

Hi Ryan, So glad you like it!!! I basically do what an inker does… I take the reference I have of the original art through a process so when I am done I have what is similar to the pencil art and then I ink it on a light table just like an inker would. I have always had extremely good control of my pens and brushes which is the key to getting the nice line quality you see, I learned that control as an animator over 20 years. I also draw the title logo and whatever I can but I want to make sure that the word balloons look like the comic so I usually print them out on the same bristol board that I draw on so I can get it as close as possible to the original. Most companies just use a Xerox of the title Logo and paste on paper stats for the word balloons but I take the time to do the title logo by hand. Word Balloons are tricky and if you aren’t a pro letterer it looks cheap and ruins the recreation in my opinion. I see many people doing recreations but they try to draw even the comic code and that is NEVER drawn by hand so I don’t think it should be on a recreation either 😉 If there is anything else you would like don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks, Tom”

Thought it was interesting enough to share.  I love this huge piece – glad I got it – I’m not sure I would pick up another one… and if I did which cover to pick… but I am glad I got this.  I will be back tomorrow with my review of the Planet Hulk DVD!

Aquon... such an under used character

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14 thoughts on “The Incredible Hulk #165 Cover Re-Creation (2010)

  1. Ratchet, you said Aquon is one of your favorite Hulk villians,right? Too bad he never made another appearance after this story.Nor did Captain Omen. We should convince Marvel to try to bring Aquon back. Also,wondering if you are following King Hulk’s discussions with me.

    1. Aquon was just swept out to sea – it’s not like he died either… and Captain Omen was just a bad ass! He had the Hulk captured – it was awesome!

      I have been reading your and King Hulk’s discussion. You guys are really in depth!

      1. Ratchet,here is some more information.
        Captain Omen has a entry on the marvel appendix site. Though he never came back it mentions that in Hulk 219-220 Captain Baracueda found Omen’s submarine kingdom. There was no explanation of what happend to Omen or his crew. Omen’s base blew up in 220. No other story has ever mentioned him since in the last 30 some years.

      2. I’m a big fan of Aquon as well. My first Hulk
        comic was 155 so Captain Axis ranks as one of
        my favorite Hulk villains as well.
        The list includes some very obscure but cool
        villains like the Volcano Monsters from 170
        and the Iron Knights from 302 and 303. If
        any of them survived a rematch with the
        Hulk would be welcome.
        As for Aquon I think I statue would be very nice or at least a toy. I always did like him better as he was portrayed on the cover. What
        do you think ?

  2. Anthony,I went back to my collection and yes Captain Axis appeared in 155. He first appeared as henchman of Doctor Doom in the Fantastic Four many years earlier.That was how he ended up in that world.The Marvel appendix says these are his only two appearances this is also the first issue of the Shaper of Worlds appeared in. Though Glorian, his helper would not appear in until Len Wein’s run in issue 190,I think.

    1. I don’t think he ever appeared the Fantastic Four.
      Archie Goodwin was just using F.F. 10 to provide
      the back story. It makes perfect sense because
      Doom would never mention he had help developing
      the size reduction ray. It also helps to make
      Kronsteig back story richer and part of the larger
      Marvel Universe.

    1. Seriously? You own it? Well, Tom – you know who to email if you ever decide to sell it!

      Trimpe is the best! This issue is such a classic!

    1. Not only did I see it and read that already – way back I linked the article to a post! Great stuff!

      Tom – is it possible to email me a pic of the original cover? And is it okay to post it here? In fact, I would love to do a whole post on your collection – if you wouldn’t mind.

      Email me at: and we’ll talk!

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