Planet Hulk on DVD (2010)

Planet Hulk on Blu-Ray

Well, we all know the story – which has been brought to the, well… little screen. This is a new Hulk classic – a tale that will be remembered and talked about in the same breath as the origin, Mr. Fixit and the Merged Hulk – as well as Jarella’s World and Future Imperfect. They did change a few things from the original epic – I mean, they had to… one of the biggest omissions from the story is the Silver Savage. Replaced by a worthy Beta Ray Bill – although, it would have been much nicer to see the Surfer – BRB and the Hulk’s brawl was both brutal and bad ass! BRB was left practically broken in the end. But instead he used his power to free the rest of the slaves.

Hulk and Caiera’s fight was also one of the best parts of the movie – the first big blow from Caiera knocks off all of the Hulk’s armor. Some of the most important parts of the storyline are still there – the initial gladiator scenes, the spikes, and Caiera’s realization of the Red King’s betrayal… all in all this is a movie for the ages!

They also change the Red Kings death – although – the movie’s was way better! One of the biggest changes, which I thinks works better for the movie, is that they end things on a happy moment – the moment before one of the saddest of Hulk’s history. The moment before he went back to Earth and Loeb took over the writing. 🙂 – Sorry, couldn’t resist! Anyways, like I was saying, they end Planet Hulk on a happy note. This leaves thing open to make a sequel – and hopefully this is popular enough to make one… which would be WWH!

The New Hulk vs. Slipcover

Also, they released the Hulk vs. movies with a new slip cover – which I was able to pick up without having to buy the whole movie again – but it’s pretty sweet!

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27 thoughts on “Planet Hulk on DVD (2010)

    1. Completely off topic but did anyone get the
      Avengers I.D. card that came with the free
      Marvel calendar on 12/30 ? There were about 8
      different cards. My store saved the Hulk card for
      me but the Red Hulk was featured instead of the
      Green Hulk.

      1. I don’t know. Either Marvel is just trying to
        push the Red Hulk on us or maybe they might
        have plans to change him from villain to hero.

      1.’s a decent sized poster of the cover art!! A little bigger than the promo posters they hand out at comic stores.Oh,and if you got one of the free marvel calenders that were out last month,hulk is the december photo.

      2. Yeah – I was a bit disappointed. Hopefully I can pick it up later.

        I do have the calendar and can’t wait for the end of the year!

  1. Ratchet,you metioned in your other post that there is a Greg Pak bonus feature. You said he really knowns his Hulk history. What does things does he talk about in the Hulk’s history?

    1. He doesn’t mention specifics really – it’s just the way he talks about it. I’ll have to watch it again – but I liked the special features

    1. Dude, you know how long that takes? I do it when I can – but recently my time has been taken up… with an infant! I find it a triumph that I’m still getting posts up! – by the way, my birthday is May 28th

    1. I just walked up to the counter with PH, Zombieland and the slipcover. The guy rang up the 2 movies and asked if I wanted the Hulk vs. movie too – I picked up the slipcover and showed him it wasn’t the movie – he said “Oh it’s just the cover…” and then I paid and put the slipcover in my bag. So – he didn’t say anything and I got the slipcover for free!

  2. Here’s a list of the cameos that I saw- Pip, Starlord, Grandmaster, Gamora, Skrull, Adam Warlock, Thor, Ironman, Doc Strange, Mr. Fantastic and Blk Bolt, which you don’t see clearly. Although the Beta Ray Bill fight was cool. I would’ve preferred Silver Surfer. The movie get’s 8/10 for me.

  3. Loved the comic, hated the movie, so much left out and there is no ending. The ending gave the story purpose and an emotional impact. Hulk finally tries to establish something for himself and once again ends up alone. Let my girlfriend read the comic awhile back she liked it, didn’t like the movie either, said it was just all fighting mostly. Should have made it into a mini series instead.

    1. Hopefully there will be the sequel – giving you the story you remember more – I know a lot was left out – but for the time constraints that they had – I thought they did a great job.

  4. I can definitely understand why the ending was changed–or rather, truncated–as, per the filmmakers’ own admission at the L.A. screening, it would have been bad to start on a downer (the Hulk being exiled) and end on even MORE of a downer (millions killed, the Hulk angrier than he’s ever been). From a character evolution standpoint, the film works because the Hulk is in a different place, emotionally, mentally, than he was at the beginning. He’s accepted.

    I’ll have to expound on the movie on my blog this weekend. I saw it nearly a month ago already and have kept this stuff bottled up since then! (On the plus side I did get Hulk #19 a week early, and have a huge Alex Ross PH poster signed by everyone who was at the Paley L.A. for the screening!)

    Thanks for keeping things lively over here, ratchet!


  5. Saw Planet Hulk was a bit disappointed-I expected it to be truer to the comics,couple of things that bothered me (that I can think of now)No Silver Surfer(Silver Savage)-because of licensing??and the HULK having “red” eyes through-out the movie annoyed me-along with his “scar” disappearing-he was(is) the Green Scar,and does any one know why the BROOD warbound chracter was left out???hey Ratch how are you?

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