Hulk Mini-Comics

Hulk Hostess Mini Comic
3 out of the 4 comics!

A bit ago someone, I believe it was 465, asked me if I had the Hulk Mini-Comic from Hostess – and I didn’t think I did.  I should have known better than that!  I went back and checked out my collection – turns out I have all but ONE of them!  There were four in the series – and I’m missing issue #4. 

Fox and Friends Hulk vs Abomination!

I do have a few others including the Fox Kids Video mini-comic with Hulk vs the Abomination released in 1997.  Also, there is one with Hulk vs the Leader that was released by Bubble Yum in 1981.  Each of these have new – stand alone stories – that are quite enjoyable.  I wish I had the final Hostess comic – not only to have it but to know how the story ends… if someone knows maybe you can shed some light on it…

Bubble Yum Hulk vs Leader mini comic

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30 thoughts on “Hulk Mini-Comics

  1. You are amazing, you have almost all of them! I on the other hand have just 1 of the items listed above. In my experience these mini comics are hard to find, even in conventions. It’s good to see that Herb and Sal did 1 each. Now I have to ask, do you have the Herb drawn comic that came with the Hulk model from the 70’s? It had the the Hulk vs. a giant robot used by Hydra. That box cover alone was awesome.

  2. Ratchet,could you make a list of all these comics to post here? I think I have a few of these. I am also missing the hostess comic final issue Isn’t the Pantheon in that story?

    1. I’m on it! As for the final issue – like I said above – I’m not sure what happened… I wish I knew. Not sure if the Pantheon was in there.

  3. are the hulk mini comics good I have seen them before and wanted to get them but never did cause I didnt find anything about them please let me know thanks

  4. Nice to see a Sal cover. Did he ever do a cover for TIH? And don’t you think having Spidey & Wolverine join the Hulk against the Juggernaut is overkill? 😉

  5. I know I have the 4th mini-comic, but it’s still in the original plastic, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you what’s in it.

    There’s also a Hulk mini-comic from Drake’s Cakes in 1994, costarring Gladiator. As far as I know, Hulk didn’t appear in any other issue of that 5-issue miniseries.

    Do you have the 7-11 mini-comic starring the Hulk and Captain America battling Magneto? Artwork is by Herb Trimpe! I think it’s dated 1981.

    And there was also a recent mini-comic put out with Norton Antivirus products, that collected Tales To Astonish #60-61 behind a new Jorge Lucas cover.


    1. Gary, I have that 7-11 mini comic. I also have another that was a Universal Studios tie in one shot. Do you have the Bubble Yum or Fox kids comics? I don’t.

      1. I have pretty much all of the above. The Universal Studios one-shot was a Wal-Mart exclusive, I think, with the story and two others collected in a separate edition sold exclusively at Universal Islands of Adventure.

        My favorites are the giveaways from the newspapers in the 70s co-starring Spidey and the Hulk. Not mini-comics, I know, but still, good stuff, if VERY hokey.


  6. Gary, I believe one of the Hulk Spider-Man team up’s you mentioned was reprinted in Marvel Team up 126. Jim Shooter wrote it and for that type of thing it was pretty good. Have you read that? Another promotional thing I recently found was back to school Spider-Man/Hulk team up. Do you have that? I have yet to read that issue however.

    1. Marvel Team-Up #126 has the same story, but totally different artwork and a modified script.

      And, have I read that? What kind of completist Hulk fan would I be if I hadn’t?;-)

      For the record I have all 7 Spider-Man/Hulk giveaways, plus a one-shot from 7-11 featuring Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America, and Spider-Woman.:-)


      1. I just picked up the Steve Ditko Marvel Trade – it has the Hulk #6 and a few others – as well as some of the best Spiderman stories!

    1. Most of the art on the giveaways was by JRSR, yes.:-)

      Dig those hokey, hamhanded ways of working advertisements for clothing, etc. RIGHT INTO the stories during those giveaways!


  7. Ratchet,the best Spider-Man of his run and even all time were from 25-38+annual 2 where he was doing full plotting with little editoral control on Lee’s part. Ditko never came back to do Dr Strange or Spider-Man but he returned to the Hulk twice with issue 249 and Annual 9 written by Doug Mouench.

    Interesting fact about annual 9. It’s the only issue of the regular Hulk series Mouench has written despite writing many stories for the oversize Hulk magazine.

      1. Rachet, Have you read all of the 27 issues of the Hulk magazines from 77-82?And, did you still like it after the change in style with 10?

      2. I have all of them – I will have to do a whole month spotlighting them… but yes, I prefer the color comics – so when they went to color I was happier. One thing can be said though… this mag had some of the coolest covers EVER!

      3. Oh, those Hulk magazines…

        Who can forget the “Disco Hulk” cover of #23?

        And the Joe Jusko painting for #26 based upon a John Buscema piece was reworked for the Hulk ride at Islands of Adventure. I remember because Joe Jusko showed me the newly finished piece many years ago at a con.

        And the cover to Hulk #12 is Jusko’s 2nd-ever published piece for Marvel.

        And what about those Bob Larkin covers too?

        But really, the unsung hero of the Hulk mag was Walt Simonson. How is it he didn’t get any more Hulk work after those first 3 issues? (Oh, yeah. He went and did some series called THOR. Wished him well with that…)


  8. Issue 23 had the infamous Jim Shooter story. The one with the scene of the homosexuals at the ymcca. Actually depsite the one scence it was not a bad story in of itself.

    Gary,do you have the Masterlock Hulk comic they did? Not many were printed.It was written by Robin Laws who did Hulk Nightmerica. Ratchet do you own that issue?

  9. Ratchet,two questions. Do you have a list of who wrote these mini comics? And do you have the Masterlock Hulk comic by Robin Laws? Just wondering.

  10. Wow! I actually have this entire series still factory sealed, straight outta the Drake’s Cakes box! And I have more than one of each still factory sealed! I was about 11-12 years old when these mini-comics were featured inside the Drake’s Cakes, and in my family we ate alotta Drake’s Cakes, lol! I kept 1 of each issue open for me to read, but I kept the rest still sealed in side the factory plastic! I just recently opened up the box containing my old comic book collection and I found the mini-Drake’s Cakes series, so I looked them up online & found this article. Lol!

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