Hulk Transformer (2010)

2010 Hulk Transformer

A whole new set of Marvel Transformers have been hitting the shelves recently.  I found this at my local Target about 2 weeks ago – haven’t gotten around to posting it – sorry.  This time the Hulk transforms into a Bulldozer – which is much better then transforming into a tank.  The only real downside to this series is the price point.  I mean, $17 for a toy is too much – which is why I have never bought a double to open up.  But keep an eye out for a Grey variant – I haven’t heard anything yet – but if I had to put money on it…

I will put up my review of the Skaar one shot tomorrow – so make sure you come back and visit!

3 responses to “Hulk Transformer (2010)

  1. Its Hasbro what did you expect? All their Marvel crap is expensive as hell.

  2. Sigh… At least you can see it on shelves. Despite the price tag, I can’t even see it anywhere here.

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