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Abomination & Thor Superhero Squad (2010)

Abomination and Thor SHS

Abomination in Package

I just picked this up yesterday!  I was pretty psyched to snag this because I wasn’t even aware it was out yet!  I have been waiting for a classic Abomination SHS figure since the FIRST Hulk came out.  We now have something like 7 different Hulks – one Leader, a Zzaxx – but no Abomination to speak of… until NOW!  I love how big he is *that’s what she said* and think that this figure certainly is in scale with the whole line.  To pair the Abomination with Thor is pretty perfect – since it reminds me of one of my favorite Thor covers ever:

Thor #178 - The Abomination takes on a God!

 I hope they make another version with Abomination broken face – that would rock!  I don’t actually think it will happen – but how awesome would that be?  But what would be better – Abomination with the broken face when they fought in TIH #25 or Abomination with the melted face from when Hulk threw acid on him in TIH #364?  I want the broken face – cause I enjoyed that issue a whole lot more!

Hulk vs one of his best enemies!

Another day another Hulk

The Leader and the Abomination... oh the horror!