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Fantastic Four #166 & 167 (1976) – The Review

Fantastic Four #166

In all of the Thing/Hulk fights over the years – this two issue Hulk appearance has to be one of my favorites.  So many things happen it’s just a fun read from beginning to end.  I’ll give a basic overview of the story – see, in these issues the government is after the Hulk – big shock – and the FF are trying to help – Reed may have a way to get rid of the Hulk for good.  But the Thing is all pissy from the beginning – he’s all down on himself being called a monster and all – and after the Hulk IS captured and even as Reed is curing him the army doesn’t live up to thier end the deal to release Banner.  The Thing takes this personally and breaks Banner free prematurely, which in turn makes the experiment fail and the Hulk returns – but this time free and teamed up with the Thing!

Fantastic Four #167

As the Thing turns on the army and his former team mates he helps the Hulk escape the base.  The head to St Louis and the FF catch up to them – trying to talk sense into Grimm, who is not feeling all that well and keeps getting dizzy – but Hulk keeps attacking – telling everyone to leave him and his new found friend alone!  It’s only after the Hulk is about to severly beat down Reed that the Thing finally jumps into action to help his superhero family.  But all the dizziness that Grimm had been feeling suddenly has a turn for the strange as he turns from the rocky hyde to his former human self! 

As he is turning, the Hulk lands a sweet puch knocking him off the St. Louis Arch way and into the FF’s waiting arms – where they give Grimm the good news – that he is no longer the Thing.  Grimm can only think of one thing – to get back to NY to tell Alicia (what a horn-dog!) and the Hulk just leaps away.  One of the best things about this two page epic is that it is drawn by a young Mr. George Perez!  I have actually seen one of the original pages at the Comic Con in Boston.  I was in talks about purchasing it – and still may – but ultimately, it’s pretty expensive.  Maybe if the seller knocks off about a grand I could consider it again.  But out of the early Hulk/Thing interactions – this had a lot more to it than two powerhouses brawling through the streets.  This 2 issue arc has been collected in the Fantastic Four Visionaries: George Perez – Volume 1.  Pick these up and check them out!  Grade: A-

George Perez Visionaries Volume 1