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I Ain’t No Chump!

Issue #4 featuring the Hulk and Silver Surfer!

Snagged the last issue of those Drakes Cakes mini comics!  I just thought I’d show it off here today – to celebrate the new week!


This week will feature great covers with the Hulk battling HUGE EVIL HANDS!  Starting with Hulk #192!

The Incredible Hulk #607 (2010) – The Review

The Incredible Hulk #607

Alright, get comfortable… this one is a doozy!  First, we see Doom’s inner thoughts – and he blames Banner for everything.  M.O.D.O.C.K. and Leader are collecting the smartest men on the planet – only – instead of capturing Pym – Pym comes to them.  There is some smart guy banter – you know:

“I cracked you code” 

“Well, I knew you would so I countered your code cracking with another code!” 

“I knew about the code cracking code and cracked that code with another code!”

Pym taking his fist to the Leader... don't read into that too much...

But anyways – Pym has to help his fellow Avengers who are being embarrased by the Red She Hulk.  Pym gets them stashed away – and Banner shows up with Skaar to help.  Only, Pym’s not so sure about Bruce.  Skaar takes on the Red She Hulk while Pym informs everyone that Banner has been dealing with the Red Hulk.  At that moment Skaar has to help Spidey from not falling into a inter-dimensional door so Red She Hulk is free to attack – which she does… an attack directed at Pym – one that is designed to suck out his intelligence.  This new ray is actually killing Pym – and even though Banner is trying to help – Pym doesn’t trust him.

Banner gets out Bannnered...

He calls his fellow Avengers who aren’t there – Thor, War Machine, Cap, Miss Marvel, Photon – and they come swinging… only they swing at Skaar too.  War Machine goes to help Pym by taking Banner out – but Cho helps Banner save Pym instead.  Banner throws Cho at War Machine and Cho sets off War Machine’s repulsors – serving as mini EMPs and saving Pym… but not his intelligence.  Pym tries to turn into Giant Man – but shrinks instead and Red She Hulk grabs him and takes off.

Avengers taking on Green Conan... er... Skaar!

Banner tells the Avengers that they were in his way of saving everyone.  No one knows whether or not to trust Banner – but he takes a team of Wolverine, Skaar, Cho, Namor, A-Bomb and Spidey to save the world.  But in reality they are first going to save Betty Ross.  Banner tells his team and they are ready to fight with him.  As they attack a base – where Betty and Talbot are – 1000 miles away the Leader and M.O.D.O.C.K. are ready to set things in motion – they believe they are out to save the world.

Wolverine piggy-backing Skaar... - wicked gay...

So, yeah – there is a variant to this one that is much like the Hulk #20 variant – but I couldn’t secure a copy in the 7 freakin’ comic shops that I frequent.  I had to secure one through ebay – but man, oh man, WTF?  But this story is really getting interesting.  With most of the 8 collected now – the Hulks return can’t be far behind!  But – if anything – I can find plot holes that Loeb had written that will not be explained – even by the impressive Pak… this issue gets a B

Hulk #20 (2010) – The Review

Hulk #20

So as I have stated – the Hulk comics haven’t been as ridiculously terrible as they had been – that’s not saying they are great by any means – but at least we’re not dealing with the Offenders anymore… knowing Marvel though – we will soon see a Offenders series start up soon. (Ugh – maybe I shouldn’t give them any ideas!) So, away we go!

This issue opens with Banner and Red Hulk having another conversation about how smart Banner is and how awesome the Red Hulk thinks he is.  But then the Red Hulk cuts the chatter short and jumps from the plane.  The Intelligencia, meanwhile, are discussing their plans and are continuing to collect the 8 smartest men and send Ghost out to collect McCoy…

Storm... looking all hot

We join McCoy at Storm and Black Panther’s castle where Storm is showing off her hotness.  The rest of the X-Men join the party just in time for the lights to go out – and as Panther is captured and dragged away by the Ghost.  The Red Hulk is about to take care of business when the X-Men misguidedly attacks him.  What they don’t see are Ghost’s Super Apes – who take care of the X-Men rather easily – letting Ghost get away with Panther… well almost… Beast comes swooping in to save Panther – but he too is sucker punched by a Super Ape.

Ghost taking Panther being scared by Red Hulk!

The Red Hulk comes to the rescue once again – actually ripping the jaw open of one of the Super Ape’s – enraging Ghost who reaches into the Red Hulk’s chest and squeezes his heart until he passes out.  When he wakes the X-Men are there asking him all sorts of questions – but he answers none and jumps off to get chewed out by Banner.  Banner’s mad that Red Hulk killed an ape.  Ghost is even more angry as he is telling the Leader he wants the Red Hulk dead.  But the Leader refuses – saying that, soon, their enemy will soon their ally once again.

Hulk #20 Variant

They really need to come up with a decent name for the Red Hulk if they are going to keep him around.  I refuse to call the character Rulk – not only does it sound stupid – people sound stupid when they use it.  But you can’t have two characters calling themselves Hulk – not to mention, the Red Hulk isn’t the Hulk!  Anyways, I’m enjoying the stories a bit more – the series does seem to be picking up.  It also really helps that both TIH comes out in the same week as Hulk… this issue gets a decent B-