The Incredible Hulk #404 Page #9 (1993)

Gary Frank Page

So, I have decided to try and pick up at least one published page from each Hulk artist.  The quest has gone well so far – and here is the page I picked up from Gary Frank – who is an amazing artist – but admittedly, he is not my favorite Hulk artist – but his line work is extremely clean and fantastic!  And this page?  Holy Hell!  It features Hercules and Hulk in the heat of battle – but also – it has freakin’ Juggy on it!

Herc vs Hulk - Herc doesn't stand a chance!
Hulk taking charge!

The shot in the middle – where Hulk and Herc are grappling – has to be the best shot of the whole page.  I snagged this on ebay – Frank had at least two other pages up on the bay at the same time.  The first had Hulk battling Cap – which I lost out on (but that’s alright – I wanted this one more anyways) and then there was a pretty sweet page that had Betty and Marlo on it.  But no Hulk – one of the rules of mine is that the page HAS to have the Hulk on it.  Anyways, leave a comment, tell me what you think!

Juggs - the unstoppable force!

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