Daily Archives: February 26, 2010

A Week of Huge, Evil Hands

And last but not least – one of the most famous Hulk covers with a huge hand!

Bubble Head Hulk (2010)

Hulk in the wrapper

Little Hulk all put together!

Picked this little guy up on Wednesday. Basically it comes as just the head – and you open it up and there is a little body in there. With the head being hollow it makes the figure really light – and easy to stand. But it alos makes the figure feel pretty cheap… which it is so, then it fits I guess. I picked up a few others of these – and I have no idea why because they are pretty ugly. They are deformed, cheap, ugly and that’s the good points!  The worst of these little figures is the Thor figure – but I do have to say that the little bodies are kind of cool.

Wolverine vs the Hulk

Thor vs Hulk