Randy Queen Signed Hulk Print (2004)

Randy Queen Signed Print

My LCS called me a few weeks ago telling me about a little discovery he made. A print that came out a few years ago landed in his shop and he was giving me first crack at it. It was this print – and even better was the fact that it was one of the signed prints with a small head sketch of the Hulk done by Randy Queen himself.

Hulk Head Sketch!

Small finds such as this one really make my day!  I’m not a big fan of prints – I’d rather have the original art – but this print is pretty amazing looking – and the sketch doesn’t hurt!  This was released by Dynamic Forces – who have released quite a few Hulk goodies through the years – but usually, if you wait, you can pick these items up later for much, much less than retail.

Pretty Sweet!

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2 thoughts on “Randy Queen Signed Hulk Print (2004)

  1. I love this pic too! When I first saw it I thought that it was drawn by J. Scott Campbell. He kinda draws the Hulk like that. I don’t own this pic but I will down the road, I’m just ssssoooo busy with work that lately I don’t have time to pick up Hulk stuff. The good news is that I’ll be retired in june, OH HAPPY DAY!

    1. Wow! Congrats on retiring! And I agree – the look of the Hulk definitely has that Cambell feel to it – I love his style! The veins on his arms are a little distracting on here – but overall the piece is pretty sweet~!

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