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A Month of the Leader! – Day 3

There weren’t enough TTA covers with the Leader – considering how many issues he starred in…

Chris Stevens Planet Hulk Commission (2010)

Planet Hulk

You might remember the last commission I got from Ole’ Snappa – I asked for a Planet Hulk but got a WWH instead – not that I was complaining because it freakin’ rocked!  If you don’t remember the piece in question – go to the ART page and scroll down to Chris Stevens.  Click on the image and you will see the awesome piece I am referring to.  This time, when he opened the list again – I quickly made sure to get my name on it and asked for a Planet Hulk this time – but instead of Pen and Ink I asked for a Marker piece on colored paper.  I am thrilled with the results!  It almost looks like a painting!  Thanks to Chris again – and you will be seeing a Marvel cover from him real soon – so congrats to him again!  He deserves all the success and recognition he’s getting!

Menacing and awesome!