6 thoughts on “A Month of the Leader – Day 4

  1. I went looking for the issue that had the leader and modock and juggernaut on it at my local comic store yesterday.While I didn’t find those,I DID 3 interesting what if’s:what if general ross had become the hulk?…what if the hulk was a barbarian.And what if the hulk had the brain of bruce banner.the latter two are much older than the general ross issue(which ratchet reviewed here before) 1980 and 1977,repectively.What I am getting at is,the cover to this one looks interesting and I will try to look for it next time as well.

  2. Hi Ratch-This has really nothing to do with the Leader-But you still may be interested,I was at TRU and saw series 2 of Marvels Handful of Heroes so I picked up a pack,there’s a lot of new Hulks and Hulk related characters in this series,here they are:Professor Hulk ,Mindless Hulk, All Ages Hulk(?),Hulk,World War Hulk ,Dark Hulk,Hulk as War,Maestro… Bi-Beast,Zzzax and Madman(no Leader) the packaging looks exactly like series 1 so there’s no way to distingush series 1 from 2 you just have to look-just thought I’d share this info with you -Take care-Mike

    1. Thanks Mike! I was just at my TRU and didn’t see anything new there – but now I will have to keep my eye out! I didn’t even know they were doing a new series of these!

    1. There out now? Damn – my TRU is so slow! I have been on the lookout for that 2-pack since it was announced! Thanks for the heads up!

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