Son of Hulk #2 (2010)

Son of Hulk #2 of 4

Hiro has landed on K’ai with no real explanation on how or why.  He saved the people there from the dreaded Psyclops – but now Hiro is looking for answers.  First, he resurrected the fallen people of K’ai – and as the people revered him as a God – he told them not to – he told them that he is not to be worshipped – he just wants them to rid their world of the Old Power.  Back on the Endeavor the team is ready to head out – maybe to help rid the Psyclops off K’ai – although they have no idea they aren’t a threat anymore.

They land deep in the ocean and have to avoid being eaten – but Arturus has a seizure and is no use anymore – and Carl has to save them – although he is not waterproof.  Pretty hilarious moment there.  Mari notices all the Psyclops are dead, their ships are destroyed.  She thinks the people of K’ai have done this too – but Carl doubts it.

Hiro wants the people of K'ai to rid their world of Old Power

Meanwhile, Hiro sends Axeman Bone out to find and kill any other Psyclops.  Hiro continues to talk to Bone’s daughter about the Hulk’s influence on this world.  He still isn’t sure who took his body and dropped it on this world.  Just then some of the K’ai people ask to speak to Hiro.  He sends them away, saying that he doesn’t want to be there anymore – and then Bone’s daughter plants a sloppy one on Hiro.  A kiss you perverts!  Just a kiss!

Hiro gets to first base...

Meanwhile, Axeman finds Carl, Mari and Arcturus – Art is dying.  Carl saves Mari from being blown away but Mari is no slouch herself and begins to kick some Red ass.  Hiro shares his visions with Bone’s daughter.  He tells her of their future – she doesn’t want to hear it – Hiro even shares his feelings with her – saying that he would love to spend the days showing her how much he trusts her – and she wonders if trust is all.  He tells her that he has seen their doom – which soon will be revealed.

I gotta tell you – really digging this mini.  They truly handled this part of the Hulk Universe perfectly – from issue #1 of Skaar: Son of Hulk – to this here.  Just a really solid read.  Grade B+

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16 thoughts on “Son of Hulk #2 (2010)

  1. Ratchet my friend, I want to thank you for doing this review. I will be picking up my copy later today and this has really got my juice’s going. I hope they use both Hiro Kala and the new Scorpion in the World War Hulks storyline. Any chance you will review your policy and have links on your website for Hulk’s other kids? I know you have a wait and see policy but even you must know Marvel has plans for Hulk’s kids. Please can you think about it. Thank you for your time.

    1. King Hulk,If you read my old post I was wondering if you read this issue? I thought it was very good. I see you were able to find a copy of Savage She Hulks 1. My comic shop sold out. Do you agree with Ratchet’s review on it? Ratchet,if your reading this, I usually agree with your reviews.

    1. MrMordrid I have seen both links that you so kindly provided can I just say, You Sir ROCK!!!!!!!

      They are amazing!!!!!

      Where did you find them?

  2. Thank you MrMordrid, I will look at your link in detail over the weekend. This system I am using at present won’t allow me to download Adobe. Long story. If you check back with me over the weekend I will provide a link to a certain website that will either make you into a happy bunny or turn you into the Hulk.

  3. Zeno my friend, go to and order your copy pronto. As mentioned, Gary Miller was spot on with his insights regarding the Hulk titles. Either he is a genius or he as inside information. I think Ratchet’s review for this and Savage She-Hulk #1 were pretty spot on.

    1. I think Gary is just very astute – he certainly does his research and is thorough with his articles. I look forward to his insights…

  4. Zeno my friend, are you ok? You haven’t been around as much as you usually are. I admit I was getting abit worried about you.

    1. King Hulk,I am fine. Thanks for your concern. I didn’t think I was on much less. Actually I had not seen you on in a day or two. You are one of the few people here who responds to my posts. I’ve wanted to ask you, are you from the States,the UK,or somewhere? I’m from the east coast of the USA. I’m asking the UK is because you mentioned having annuals from there. Maybe you live there or had in the past.

  5. Hi Zeno, I am from Birmingham in the UK. The UK’s second largest city after London. We gave the world Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath as well as reggae giants UB40 amongst others. The area I live in is the infamous Small Heath. When former US President Bill Clinton came to visit Birmingham in the 90’s even he didn’t dare drive through Small Heath. Nuff said!

    1. Not really on the coast but the northeast side of the US. My state is PA. Don’t know if I asked this before but did you read the issue where the Micronauts went to Liddleville? They actually found Doctor Doom and fought him with the puppet master. It is a decent story. Something I wanted to ask you. Could Diablo be one of the one 8 the Intel is after? The reason I see that has a possiblity is because the alchemy connection in general,and the Dragon Man origin in particular. Maybe they need his knowledge since they never read the alchemy texts before Doom took them. What do you think?

      1. Hi Zeno,

        Thank you for the information. Nope, I haven’t read the Micronauts I was a bit too young to appreciate them the first time around. I am hoping to pick up a trade paperback if Marvel releases one in the future.

        I take it you are from the great state of Pennsylvania? What town are you from? I am curious my friend.

        Tto be honest with you I thought the samething. He is the only expert in the whole of the MU who knows about alchemy. So I think you and I could be right on the money.

  6. To MrMordrid here as promised – check this out : – see if you have come accross this guy before.

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