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A Month of the Leader – Day 5

The last PD issue of his 12 year run.  The Leader is not prominent – but he’s still there.

Savage She Hulks #1 (2010)

Savage She Hulks #1

So, Thundra’s first meeting with her daughter does not go very well – as Lyra not only hates her mother but is ready to kill her.  Within the battle Lyra starts to tell Thundra what happened to her – but she refuses to listen, as it may destroy the future.  Thundra tries to tell Lyra that she can’t explain why she has teamed up with the Red Hulk – and as another battle is about to ensue, Lyra loses her strength and Thundra throws her through a mountain.  Always watching, the Leader and M.O.D.O.C.K. send the Wizard out to recruit her into the Frightful Four.

Lyra gets a spanking!

Lyra is trying to blend into society – but the Wizard comes to make sure that isn’t possible.  Lyra begins to battle the Wizard’s team – and is doing well until the Red She Hulk comes and, well… against the Red She Hulk, Lyra doesn’t fare very well.  She is ready to kill Lyra before Wizard steps back in and tames her – tells her that they are trying to recruit her – not kill her.  Wizard makes Lyra another offer to join his team – and she agrees, with her own intentions.

Red She Hulk congratulating Lyra on her winning....

After the attack on the Baxter Building and the kidnapping of Reed Rickards Lyra is granted access onto the “Hellcarrier” – the destroyed Hellacarrier from issue #2 of the Hulk, that the Intelligencia is using as a base.  Lyra does some investigating and finds Jen Walters in a suspended animation pod.

Original She Hulk - in the tube Luke Skywalker used in Empire...

Wow – this whole storyline is getting REAL interesting!  Thanks, mainly, I think, to Parker and Pak who came on board to clean up Loeb’s mess.  They’ve made all these characters interesting!  Even the horribly conceived Red She Hulk!  The fantastic art really helps as well!  By the way, there is a variant cover – which my LCS did not get in.  Second time they forced me to get it off ebay.  It will be here in a few days – which reminds me… I need to make an announcement of sorts.  Maybe I will make a new post to do that though… but about the issue – Kudos! – I can’t wait for the next issue! Grade: A-

Pretty Sweet Variant Cover!