Savage She Hulks #1 (2010)

Savage She Hulks #1

So, Thundra’s first meeting with her daughter does not go very well – as Lyra not only hates her mother but is ready to kill her.  Within the battle Lyra starts to tell Thundra what happened to her – but she refuses to listen, as it may destroy the future.  Thundra tries to tell Lyra that she can’t explain why she has teamed up with the Red Hulk – and as another battle is about to ensue, Lyra loses her strength and Thundra throws her through a mountain.  Always watching, the Leader and M.O.D.O.C.K. send the Wizard out to recruit her into the Frightful Four.

Lyra gets a spanking!

Lyra is trying to blend into society – but the Wizard comes to make sure that isn’t possible.  Lyra begins to battle the Wizard’s team – and is doing well until the Red She Hulk comes and, well… against the Red She Hulk, Lyra doesn’t fare very well.  She is ready to kill Lyra before Wizard steps back in and tames her – tells her that they are trying to recruit her – not kill her.  Wizard makes Lyra another offer to join his team – and she agrees, with her own intentions.

Red She Hulk congratulating Lyra on her winning....

After the attack on the Baxter Building and the kidnapping of Reed Rickards Lyra is granted access onto the “Hellcarrier” – the destroyed Hellacarrier from issue #2 of the Hulk, that the Intelligencia is using as a base.  Lyra does some investigating and finds Jen Walters in a suspended animation pod.

Original She Hulk - in the tube Luke Skywalker used in Empire...

Wow – this whole storyline is getting REAL interesting!  Thanks, mainly, I think, to Parker and Pak who came on board to clean up Loeb’s mess.  They’ve made all these characters interesting!  Even the horribly conceived Red She Hulk!  The fantastic art really helps as well!  By the way, there is a variant cover – which my LCS did not get in.  Second time they forced me to get it off ebay.  It will be here in a few days – which reminds me… I need to make an announcement of sorts.  Maybe I will make a new post to do that though… but about the issue – Kudos! – I can’t wait for the next issue! Grade: A-

Pretty Sweet Variant Cover!

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81 thoughts on “Savage She Hulks #1 (2010)

  1. Can I say I loved this issue and again Mr Gary Miller was right on the money. He predicted that the Intel’s main base would be the SHIELD Hellicarrier that was downed by Red Hulk in Hulk #2 or #3. Also he predicted that the Intel needed Jen Walters to create the new Red She-Hulk. I would add to that the Intel used the original Abomination to turn Rick Jones into A-Bomb. When Emil Blonsky became surplus to requirements to the Intel Red Hulk killed for several reasons, revenge for killing Betty, a test for his new powers etc. Not keen on the artwork though.

    1. King Hulk,I was just on Gary’s blog and their were no new posts about the Red Hulk. Where did you read this information? Do you have a link?

      1. Wow, even I don’t remember having remarked on the Helicarrier being their new base of operations. If you find that evidence, I wanna frame it!

        I’ll have the Hulk books early tomorrow (by 2pm EDT) and will review them tomorrow night on my own blog, so stay tuned, that’s all I have to say.

        And yes, SSH #1 was good stuff.


        Latest Red Hulk theories: Who Benefits? and If Ross Isn’t Rulk and He Isn’t Dead, Where Is He?

    2. Really? I love the cartoony style! I though the artwork was magnificent!

      And it was issue #2 that the Helicarrier was downed.

      1. Hi Gary, I’m pretty sure it was you as I read it before Ryan put his review on his blog.

  2. You’d think with all that fighting the Red She-Hulk is doing she would change her outfit to something less tattered. Or that her clothes would pretty much disintegrate to leave the Red She-Hulk completely naked.

    Man, you’ve got to love how durable clothes are in the Marvel universe. ^_^

    1. No Kidding… wait, is this you’re way of saying you want to see Red She Hulk naked?

      Get your head out of the gutter Grax!

  3. Grax, I hear what you are saying my man! The Hulk’s purple pants are MORE indestructable than Adamantium!

  4. To be honest Ratchet, for me personally the artwork detracts from the storytelling. Its ok but not that great. I hope you too are okay. I know that have a lot of things happening in your crazy life. So, when you have a moment to yourself I would be grateful if you could answer the points I had previously submitted to you :- 1). What is the likelihood of you providing links on your website for Hulk’s other children? It does look at present that Marvel has plans for them. Your thoughts sir? 2). What is happening with the Jeff Parker petition? You do know that the longer we leave it the worse off we will all be. We don’t want to go through this again. 3). Lastly, this is fun I promise. You recently used a picture of Doc Samson with a glowing green outline of the Hulk behind him. I wanted to ask where is that picture taken from? Thank you for your patience.

    1. Oh hey – sorry about that – first off – I am a huge fan of J Scott Cambell – and this artist reminded me a lot of his style. I guess we just have different tastes when it comes to art.

      About your points –
      Well, I am always scouring the net for links to add to my site – if you know of any that I should add – hit me up at As for myself adding any pages, or such, dedicated to the Hulk’s children… apart from reviewing the comics and any figures that Marvel may release – at this time I have no plans for it.

      While I am loving Jeff’s work – I am not really sure how much an impact a petition would have in keeping him on a Hulk book. My time these days are pretty limited – I feel pretty proud of myself that I am keeping this site as active as I am! – so, while I don’t think I have time to start a petition, if anyone else has time to set one up, I would certainly sign one.

      And lastly, the image was from another site that I can’t recall. Sometimes I google Hulk images – and when I do I sometimes put in crazy titles to see what would come up (for example; Hulk fish). Sometimes I get lucky and find a cool image. I will have to see if I can find that image again – I will certainly let you know where it came from. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  5. Hi Zeno, I will provide you with the updated Gary Miller link over the weekend. This guy is everywhere!

  6. Ratchet I appreciate your honesty 100 %. Thank you! I know you got a wife, a young daughter, you were having problems with your house, you work and you run this website on the side! You sir are a dynamo! Like you I am passionate about a certain green goliath but we has fans have had our wilderness years, only now are things improving. I would like this to continue. My concern is after issue #25 Loeb would have signed a contract extension to do more Hulk and things could go back to how they were before, or we get somebody unsuitable to take over.

  7. We as Hulk fans have suffered enough. Never underestimate the power of like-minded people united against a common cause. Ratchet, if you been following my conversation’s with Zeno and a few of the other guys you will see that the Hulk titles have improved primarily due to Greg Pak and Jeff Parker coming on board and making sense of Loeb’s story. What happens if that stops? Sorry for the length of my entry but, I am having a Captain America moment. PS I will back track your entries and tell you when you used that incredible Doc Samson pic.

  8. Hi Zeno, when you go back on Gary’s website click the ifanboy link. The She-Hulk / Red She-Hulk info will be on that. The SHIELD Helicarrier info I think was on his main site. Or he might have done it on Ratchet’s site. The only bit of Gary’s theory that I disagree with is the who killed Clay Quatermain? Gary is adamant that it is Ross as Red Hulk when it could just as easily be Doc Samson doing the deed as the ‘evil’ Samson. Could be they tried to recruit Clay for the Intel. Clay said no. Samson tried to persuade him didn’t work and killed him. Remember it is Samson’s jacket they found ripped and saturated with high levels of Gamma radiation. I don’t think Ross would frame Samson for the deed. More like Samson acting as a red herring for Who is Red Hulk?

    1. King Hulk, I found the site you mentioned. I may have said this before but the Intel could also have drained some of Blonsky’s power and gave it to Rick. Tyrannus had technology that did this in a old story line.Who has the only other Gammadome technology? Tyrannus. Perhaps he was trading with the Intel. Winter Guard showed AIM had a base in Russia so they could have captured Blonsky. They could have wanted weaken Blonsky for the Red Hulk. The same technology would let Marlo become the Harpy by transfering Betty’s old powers to Marlo.

      1. You know, you could again be right on the money.

        I forgot about that.

        Well done Zeno!!!!

      2. This explanation also goes to us saying Greg Pak was changing the rules about how gamma rays affect people. If this technology is being used then there is any contradiction.

      3. Opps. That should read “If this technology is being used then there *isn’t* any contradiction”.

    2. Another thing that just occured to me when writing that. The Intel was mad at the Red Hulk for taking away Banner’s gamma powers. Ask why. They don’t need them to download his knowledge. And if they wanted to kill him it wouldn’t matter. Maybe the Intel was trying to transfer the gamma radiation into new subjects for AIM.

      1. Well we know that is on the cards because M.O.D.OK. and The Leader are going to make several of Marvel’s heroes into Hulk-like beings for the two issue mini Hulked Out Heroes and send them against the Red Hulk. See May solicitions for more information.

    3. I’m not that adamant about Red Hulk killing Clay Q. In fact, I think it’s pretty logical since Samson’s coat was found with him that Samson more than likely did the deed. (However, I still think the motive stands.) Good call.:-)


      1. That is what I think too. Though I think Doc Samson and Ross were together. Ross transformed into the Red Hulk to launch his surprise attack on the SHIELD Helicarrier (hence the giant footprints). Samson tries to recruit Clay, fails and so transforms into the evil ‘Samson’ kills him.

  9. Really loving this site. I am sticking to my guns that the Red Hulk is Ross and every time we see old Thunderbolt it’s an LMD.

    The Parker and Pak issues have kept this ‘event’ alive for me. The Loeb issues still feel far too convoluted and thrown together, plus the non-stop narration breaks up the flow as well. Parker is really great and would make for a super Hulk scribe, but we need him for Atlas and Thunderbolts!

  10. That’s my point to a ‘T’ dailypop. Left to his own devices Loeb would have killed the Hulk title and gone off to Image comics and try and make his purple Hulk knockoff ‘Smash’ a hit at our expense.

  11. Ratchet, I found the pic of Doc Samson I was telling you about. It was your entry dated 15/02/2010 and entitled Busy Week – No Posts until Thurdsay! I hope that helps!

    You sir are a Prince!!!

  12. King Hulk and Ratchet, Did either you read CBR’s interview with Parker and Pak? Parker claimed Rick Jones is a time bomb. Somehow was done to him that will set something off. It answer my question on why they gave him gamma powers. But now what it is or how they did it. The only thing that comes to mind is the Microverse connection he had with Captain Marvel. Modok and AIM tried before to gain the Uni Power/enigma force.

  13. I think I did my friend. The next issue of Red Hulk #2 is due to cover Rick Jones rebirth into A-Bomb anyway. So stay tuned!

    1. King Hulk, when I reread Red Hulk 2 last night I noticed something interesting. Did you see Doom’s creatures attack Red Hulk? They went after his blood and they looked like alot like the Hulked Out Heroes. Maybe the Intel will be using his blood to create the creatures.

  14. Possible!!!!

    I am speaking to Jeff Parker via the power of the web. See my previous entry for Jeff Parker’s website address.

    1. All joking aside King Hulk, I have only said good things about Jeff Parker’s writing. You are really commited to making this happen. Good for you. Let’s hope it is a success.

      1. Zeno, you know me I was only pulling your leg my friend.

        The way I look at it is, if the Mountain won’t go to Mohammed, then Mohammed must go to the Mountain. It is as simple as that.

        We have a chance to make a REAL difference here people!!!! If we don’t try, then we will never know! We have people on this website (like you Zeno, Ratchet, MrMordrid, Gammapro, Gammapup, Conor and all the other guys) who give a damn. Who are passionate, smart and intelligent. There is no way you can tell me that we don’t have a shot (no matter how slim) of making this work.

        All we have to do is link up with the other Hulk websites, add Jeff Parker’s website to each one. Then we get people to email Jeff, get them to tell Jeff why we think he would be great for the title and the rest would follow suit. The best thing, is that the bigwigs would see what is happening (through Jeff’s own website) and be more inclined to see things OUR way! Remember, Marvel (now owned by Disney) need to keep making a profit more than ever due to recent high expeditures (making films, cartoons etc).

        Don’t get me wrong, if Jeff Parker doesn’t want to do it then that is fine. We DON’T force him.

        The man is a smart cookie, all it would take is someone like PAD, Jeph Loeb or his buddies Greg Pak or Fred Van Zante to whisper in his ear why this would be a great career move for him and that it would open doors for him down the line to work in tv, films, write books etc. Hell, he could write any comic book he wants and he is practically guaranteed that it will be hit!

        Remember when PAD did took over what was then the ‘New’ X-Factor? The novels he wrote, tv you name it, practically everything he touched turned to GOLD!!!

        There is no reason not to think it won’t happen to Jeff Parker. The man is an AMAZING talent. Wizard magazine predicted that 2010 would be his breakthough year so, lets make it happen!

        Can I get a Hell Yeah???

    2. King Hulk, I read your question to Jeff Parker about Red She Hulk. I was going to mention this earlier but did you notice in the back up story in 607 Samson hinted that she was a friend of Jen Walters? Of course if time travel is involved in her origin,this clue is not going to help much. Also wanted to mention I did some research on Diablo. He was last seen a few months ago in Amazing Spider-Man 606-607. Haven’t read any recent Spider-Man.

      1. To be honest, I haven’t really been buying Spider-Man as a rule. I get the odd issue, follow the odd story arc that is about it. So, I have no clue what Diablo is doing.

        Well, as you know Zeno I subscribe to the theory that a revived Betty Ross is Red She-Hulk. Which, if Gary Miller is right and General Ross is Red Hulk then father and daughter will soon be reunited.

        Betty Ross and Jen Walters have met several times over the year’s. Both women regard each other as friends so that fits in with what ‘evil’ Samson was saying in #607.

        The point I was making to Jeff Parker, following the events shown in Red Hulk #2, was Red Hulk right to be suspicious of the kiss that Thundra gave him at the end of their adventure together? Could Thundra become pregnant for a second time using the cells she got from Red Hulk and have herself a second
        child? This time a red-skinned bouncing baby girl?

        This child (if born) would be Betty’s half-sister, Bruce’s sister-in-law and auntie to all of Bruce’s kids.

        IMPORTANT NOTE – She would also be both Lyra’s half-sister AND auntie rolled into one!

        If this child is born, she should be called Freya as it would match well with Lyra’s name. For some odd reason, most (if not all of the Amazon’s) have a name ending in ‘A’.

        This, in a nutshell was the point I was making on this website in earlier blogs and on Jeff Parker’s website also earlier today.

    3. Ratchet and King Hulk,I found something the two of you might find interesting yesterday. In the Planet Hulk guidebook it mentions that the Death’s head robots were the first technology to fall through the wormhole on Skaar. Some research on the internet lead showed A) The Death Bots were constructed by AIM in a possible future.B) They were powered by the uni-force- which is a form of the Enigma Force of the microverse. Yet another microverse connection. And most interestingly of all C)this technology was created by Bruce Banner’s ex girlfriend Monica, mother of Scropion. Monica was also Modok’s ex girlfriend before he became Modok. Plus Modok fought Monica and won over control of AIM. More about these points later.

  15. Zeno my friend you have done it again. In the recent Hawkeye & Mockingbird mini series Monica was revealed as the Big Bad in the story. Also, she was the one who volunteered a certain George Tattleton for the M.O.D.O.K. experiment. She pretended to care about him. Nice lady, not!

    1. King Hulk,if we believe Old Sam the wormhole was created by him. The Shadow people had the old power for a long time. My guess is they are either related to the Troyjans or the Microverse. AIM was also involved in the Captain Universe/Hulk one shot issue. I never read that. There was also a Division U that studied the uni force in a story from a series called cosmic powers unlimited. Issue 5 to be exact. Have you read either of these issues?

  16. Sadly not my friend. Has previously mentioned, I think Marvel are reconning alot of their history. So l think you are right on the money. Marvel should hire you as part of their archive team, you are that good!

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I’m not exactly sure what archivists do. Is it research or just indexing or what?

    2. King Hulk, I have one thing to say and another to ask. They are both related. First,even though the Shadow people mostly likely created the wormhole Old Sam claimed the worldbreaker legend was around before the Shadow people came to Skaar. If true then it’s very likely the 1983 Hulk annual might be connected with events in the upcoming World War Hulks. Ratchet,please review it. Second you said the UK Hulk annuals had text stories. Who were the writers?

  17. Morning Zeno, in answer to your question, if you got a job with Marvel on their archive team you would be responsible for both indexing and research. You would list the appearance of every character and respective history. Who did what, when and to whom. You should ask Jeff Parker for advice my friend.

  18. For an important request like that Zeno, I would also email Ratchet on his personal email account . Don’t forget if K’ai and Sakaar are connected planets, the legend of the World Breaker could stem from the time Hulk almost destroyed k’ai when he was growing and he kicked their planet. Regarding my UK Hulk Annuals, they are currently in storage. I would have dig them out. One story involved some scientist who wanted to capture Hulk, learn the secrets of his power and transfer that into his robot army and take over the world. The other story involved a shape shifting alien who impersonated the Hulk and wanted to use Hulk’s place in society to infiltrate our planet and make it easy for his people to take over the world. There is a twist to this tale, I would tell you what it is in case you buy the Annual in the future.

    1. King Hulk,I wrote a reply hours earlier only to wake up and find my web browser crashed. I looked up reference material for the races in Hulk annual 12. The Gamma files World War Hulk comic has a entry on them. They are called the Proselytes. If you have that comic look it up. Herb Trimpe drew the annual. Question for you. Does Greg Pak’s website allow you to post questions the Jeff Parker’s did? I could ask him about this issue.

    2. King Hulk I have been following your ongoing discussions with Zeno with great interest for
      some time now. I always check this site daily for
      new posts. Though many have not joined your
      discussions it doesn’t mean we aren’t reading and
      enjoying them. Some, like me , may just be waiting until we have something to contribute to the topic.

      Having said that I think it would be AWESOME
      if they somehow tied the World Breaker legend
      in with the Jarella story lines. I love it when
      Marvel remembers the old classic stories and
      breathes new live into them in this regard.
      Fall of the Hulks Alpha and Red Hulk 1 did a
      really nice job utilizing past stories. My favorite
      stories which used this type of approach besides
      those two would be Marvel Illuminati and how
      they revisited the Kree Skrull war and the
      Eternals storyline which ended waaay back in
      Thor 300 and tied together and made sense of
      many past story lines.

      Here’s to you and Zeno keeping up the good

      1. Thanks,Anthony. Glad that you enjoy our posts. Alpha and Red Hulk were both amazing in the way they put together all these different pieces of marvel history. Jeff Parker has a real talent for that. I am still catching up on the Illuminanti’s appearances.

  19. I have that comic actually, I will check it out. Regarding your question, good luck trying to get a response from Greg Pak. I have done several emails over the last couple of months. I got nothing back from Pak. The only responses he puts on his website are those that could be answered by a lobotmised chimp. Waste of time in my opinion. Jeff Parker responded to me in approximately an hour on my first attempt. Trust me, Jeff is the way forward, so stick with the plan!

    1. Maybe Pak gets more messages. He has been one of the biggest names in comics since Planet Hulk. Which comic are you refering to? Gamma files or annual 12? You could ask Parker for me. If you do make sure to at least read the Proselther entry in gamma files. I just heard a podcast interview with Fred Van Lante and Greg Pak. Van Lante is going to do a Ditko inspired Mr A type character for Amazing Spider-Man 626, I think. Do you like Steve Ditko,King Hulk?

  20. Morning Anthony, thank you for your kind words it means alot. To be honest with you it sometimes feels like it’s just Zeno & I carrying the flag nice to know it is not the case. There are only three favours I would ask from you :- 1). You continue to visit this site on a regular basis, 2). Tell your friends about us, get them to join the party, 3). Most important favour, that you & your friends follow the plan in regards to contacting Jeff Parker and get his website linked to as many websites as we can so more people can email him. Remember Anthony, you have the power to make a difference! I expect to see more of you in the future. In the words of the immortal Jerry Springer, Look after yourself, and each other!

  21. It’s difficult to know what kind of shape the main Hulk series will be in at the end of Fall of the Hulks (or WWHs), but it’s apparent that it will be very different. At the risk of stretching him too thin between the upcoming Atlas series and whatever side projects like Underground he has going on, the title really needs a writer of Parker’s caliber. His contributions to Fall of the Hulks have been the only really great parts of the series for me.

    Good on you for putting the idea out to him, Marco!

  22. Thanks dailypop, like with Anthony earlier, it means alot. Nobody wants to lead this campaign, it falls to me as I started it. Fine! If you want me to lead it, I will! But guys you HAVE GOT TO FOLLOW THE PLAN! Underwise we are wasting our time! If the fans of Spider-Girl can save their title, why can’t we rally together and save the Hulk once Jeph Loeb goes? I don’t get it, you need get off the fence, follow the plan and hustle! Joke is, with technology being what it is, it would take the bare minimum of effort from each person. You have the power dailypop, do it! Email Jeff Parker, add his website to yours, get your guys to email him and so on. It as a knock on effect, that is why I don’t get the apathy.

  23. Hi Zeno, crazy day or what? In answer to your questions, I was referring to The Gamma Files comic (awesome issue). Yes! I am a fan of Steve Ditko (before anybody asks, yes, I did read the interview he gave recently about his time at Marvel, his vision about Dr. Strange, Spider-Man etc). The man is a true legend in this industry. What else is there to say? Regarding Greg Pak, there is no doubt in my mind that more people visit his website than Jeff Parker. Pak advertises everything he is doing etc. Fact is, I signed on for his website, newsletter everything. Never received anything. The man in my opinion is corporate, so watch it. Regarding me emailing Jeff Parker on your behalf, I am not keen on doing it for two reasons. 1). I don’t want to jeopardise your chances of getting a job at Marvel by saying something that could be interpreted as negative. 2). I don’t want Jeff to think I am some obsessive stalker-fan (which I’m not). At this moment in time, I’m a ‘cool guy’. I don’t want to ruin that considering I am trying to get him to take over Hulk once Jeph goes. I am quite happy to read anything on your behalf before you submit it, give advice, tips etc. Out of the two of us, you have more chance of getting a job at Marvel. I wish you all the luck in the world. Zeno, you are great guy who is both sincere and passionate. I hope you remember me when yot make it.

    1. King Hulk, I don’t have as much faith as in me as you do. Working for Marvel would nice but I had not considered at this point in my life. Why do you think would have less of chance at Marvel? You know alot about Marvel’s comics and their history. There is no doubt you really care about the quality of the material also. That is another factor that could help if you want to work for them.

  24. Logistically Zeno, you are based in the US and I am based in the UK. That would go in your favour. Also, I can’t do the stuff I did 5, 6 even 7 years ago. I am nearly 40 for crying out loud. My writing isn’t what it was. Idea-wise, I am better (due to my now greater experience). That is about it. If I ever try my hand at writing again I would need a writing partner (that is a definite). The days I thought I could lick the world with one hand tied behind my back are in the past. I never had that one lucky break. You Zeno are different, I think you will make it one day. Then I could tell people I knew you when.

  25. Zeno just wanted to say today was abit crazy. Nice to be appreciated. Thanks Anthony and dailypop for the compliments means alot. I will check out the preview for Hulk #21. Just letting you that the Hulk Let The Battle Begin one-shot came out today. The first story was written by the kid of Dee Snider from 80’s rock band Twisted Sister, seriously! It has the Hulk beating the snot out of the Wrecking Crew. This is followed by Hulk beating the snot out of Thor. The second story is a reprint of the Gammaragnarok story that first appeared in the classic Marvel Comics Presents #9. An air guitar to the first fan who can tell me why this story is important to Hulk history. I bought this story when it came out about a year ago. I will let Ratchet review this comic tomorrow in detail.

    1. I remember seeing a preview of that. Is it worth buying? You don’t sound too impressed with it. Never read the gammaragnork either by the way.

    2. King Hulk,I read Snider the story and thought it started out a good but I thought the ending was stupid. The second story was interesting. What made it a landmark? The first time he gave him a entire group of people his powers? Is there something else? I read the whole comic pretty fast.

  26. Dee Snider’s kid did an okay first effort. A day in the life of Bruce Banner and the Hulk. Ratchet is reviewing this comic on Monday. This comic will sell because of the reprinted backup story. Alot of fans missed it first time around. Just read it at your local comic shop, then decide if it is worth buying. I am sure you will qualify for the top prize of air guitar as you would work out the answer 10 minutes.

  27. Zeno MAJOR NEWS! I saw the preview for Hulk #21. I think we can safely say Red Hulk is General Ross. The next couple issues of the Hulk family of books are going to be amazing! Good news for you! I have been checking some of my back issue’s. I have rediscovered one of those important PAD interviews. It is not as indepth as the one I was telling you about but it is pretty close. This is from Marvel Age #97 February 1991. See if you get it. Amazing comic, has alot of cool stuff in it.

    1. Thanks alot King Hulk,I will check it out. Plus if remember where and what issue the more in depth PAD interview was in please tell me.

  28. PS Did you see the Superman reference in the preview? Hilarious! What I would love to see in the future is Hulk vs Archangel, that would be amazing!

    1. Yes I noticed the Kent parents. There are two other things about the preview. 1. He tells Bruce Betty is alive but Bruce is still shocked to see her in 606. Maybe he just didnt believe Red Hulk. 2. Do you have any thoughts on what he had in that gym bag he was carrying?

  29. As anyone seen the previews for Incredible 608?This looks really good. You can find the previews in a google search.A couple interesting things about the preview pages.1) Talbot *is not* a LMD. It says android tech scan negative.Either he is the original Talbot or a clone or from a alternate timeline. 2) there are 3 empy chairs for the 8 heroes. If we include Bruce we have 2 left . Cho might not be one of them and Stark is out. Even with Cho there is at least 1 person not accounted for.

    1. I agree. It looks real good. Marvel has a way of
      starting out gangbusters with these special event
      stories and then fading at the end. HOPEFULLY
      because this story started very lackluster within
      the pages of Hulk this trend can be reversed
      and the conclusion won’t disappoint.

      The only problem I see is that Marvel isn’t doing
      a good job of coordinating their special events.
      Right now we have Siege, Doomwar and Fall
      of the Hulks and they all seem to exist independent of each other with no reference to
      each other. For all I know they could be happening all at once or one is before or after
      the other. Doom and Black Panther seem no
      worse for the wear in Doomwar but it could
      be happening before Fall of the Hulks.

      Speaking of Doom, he is my second favorite
      character after the Hulk and I wish the events
      in the Marquis of Death would be acknowledged
      by the writers using Doom. Maybe this story is
      now considered apocryphal. Does anyone know ?

      Lastly I wouldn’t mind the Hulk kicking butt in
      some other event like Siege or Doomwar. He
      sat out Secret Invasion except for the Black Bolt
      Skrull. Sure wish it had been Black Bolt !

  30. To Zeno, that would explain that gadget that Banner had and why it had Betty’s information on it. I would assume Red Hulk is carrying weapons, explosives etc. Regarding Glenn Talbot being real? Possible. Then again he could be a clone, imposter (Chameleon for example) advanced LMD (made with some of the technology of the original Human Torch). Considering that The Mad Thinker is the villain of the current Original Human Torch mini series, I don’t think we should rule that out.

  31. 1). The preview for Hulk #608 also rules out Glen Talbot as Red Hulk. 2). Hints that Betty is Red She-Hulk. It confirms what we suspected all along. Both Ross’ = Both Red Hulks. Simple!

  32. To Zeno, you sir are welcome! To Anthony, I agree with what you are saying 100%. These big events do appear to be independent of each other and are happening at the same time and it is screwing up with the continuity of the MU. Like you, Doom is one of my favourite villains. I do hope that they ignore the ‘Star Wars Doom’ storyline. I didn’t enjoy that at all. Doom being an apprentice to a greater evil? Crap! That diminished the character in my eyes. Do you remember when they tried to make Doom into Buffalo Bill from Silence of Lambs? Another really bad idea.

  33. That was Doom wearing the ‘skin armour’ made from the skin of his old girlfriend (whom he had killed and skinned). Great entertainment for young impressionable kids to read!

  34. Zeno, I award you the prize and declare you the winner. Simple! The reason why that backup story is important is this. Ed McGuinness original pitch to Marvel was to a do a story called ‘The Strongest One There Is’. In other words Hulk vs MU and Hulk’s strength being tested in bizarre ways due to FF villain Psycho-Man. Marvel nixed the idea said no due to it happening so soon after World War Hulk and also wanting Ed to do Red Hulk with Jeph Loeb. Ed did this story for many reasons. Speculation include doing a dry run before doing Red Hulk. Also, to do a story with a Green Hulk (albeit a Green Hulk from an alternate-reality). It is the first Hulk story Ed did for Marvel.

    1. King Hulk,speaking of interviews, there is a interview from Amazing Heroes with John Byrne and Bill Mantlo about why they switched titles. This is when Byrne took over the Hulk. I disagree with Byrne on a few things. He was very critical of Len Wein’s work for example. Only read the first issue of Mantlo’s Alpha Flight, but from what I read he didn’t understand the book. Neither was right for their series. And they both seemed to ignore what was done before them.

    1. I can try to find it for you,King Hulk. The pictures were scanned on Byrne’s message board. So you have to click on the each picture and drag it on your desktop/file folder. They are all .jpg files. I suggest making a new file folder. It is 9 pages with one file for each page. I’ll look for the link later.

    1. Variants has something to do with the announcement – although it’s not really an announcement of sorts but a “clean up” of the site a bit. To be revealed soon…

  35. Thank you both. Did you guys go to the free link I provided for Richard Dart’s song, Tattered Clothing? I did think it very cheeky on his part to put at link here expecting the Hulk fans to buy his song without first hearing it.

  36. Hello, I just came to this page from Bing and just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the tips that you’ve posted.

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