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7 responses to “More Shots…

  1. Sweet stuff Ratch! I wish my collection was that extensive. I have to finally break down and buy more shelves for my room(my “hulk room” is still my bedroom for now) due to the fact that things are now falling off of the existing shelves. I get alot of enjoyment out of reading your site, and all the info on the old posts from before I started collecting. Being only 18, and since I only started collecting I believe near the middle of my Junior year of High school, I haven’t had much time to accumulate much. Fortunately for me, I have a very supportive girlfriend, who has been with me for longer than I’ve been a collector of the hulk(been a fan much longer :P) and this has helped alot along the way. Anyhow, congratulations on getting your Hulk room back!

  2. Very cool, Ratch, and also very cool, hulkaholic! It’s always good to see a younger Hulk fan carrying on the rich tradition. 🙂

  3. Thanks, and will be for many years to come :D.

  4. wow!! very impressive collection ratchet!!! I have a small collection myself,for only collecting a few years and working a poor paying job,it’s not too bad lol.But not even a hundreth as big as yours ratchet!!! Wait a minute,that didn’t sound right,but I’m sure everyone knew what I meant!! Hahahahaha

  5. Awesome display of Hulk figs! It looks like a Hulk toy store, now would’nt that be cool if it were true. I would be there every week just to visit, ha. By the way this info is for the gammapups out there- back in 1990 ToyBiz came out with a Marvel SuperHeros line with the Marvel logo really big and the figures “name” really small. By the 2nd line of figs the name of the heros were more pronounced in larger form. The ToyBiz Hulk fig above has the name “Hulk” in larger print. Ratch pics made want to look at my old box of Marvel SuperHero figs. Ratch I can’t wait to you finished your Hulk room.

  6. King Hulk Marco

    Damn you have a fine collection!

    Challenge time!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gentlemen start your writing here is Jeff Parker’s website. Drop him a line and let him know why he should replace Jeph Loeb when Jeph goes later in 2010.

    Peace and Love to one and all!

  7. Sweet suffering Christ, man! You actually have Hulks bleeding from the walls.

    Ratched, in the absence of HulkSpace we’re getting the band back together. Opened a new forum today. Please join us at

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