3 thoughts on “A Month of the Leader – Day 8!

    1. Rich,

      If I were you, I would modify the lyrics and song slightly and see if your could submit the song to Universal Studies (who I believe are remaking American Werewolf in London). If it is not them, you could still submit to the correct film studio and see where you guys stand.

      I have a very good feeling your song would be picked up.

      That would be a good way to get the song released as a single and on the movie’s soundtrack.

      You could then get the exposure you need to get picked up by a major record label.

  1. Trying to get us to buy your song????

    Dude you have no shame!!!!

    Guys here is the free link to youtube to hear this song for free.

    Not a bad song, the song itself could cover a multitude of sins only at certain parts of the song does it pertain to the Hulk.

    Good effort! The use of the accordion was good, couldn’t really hear the banjo. Will have to listen to the song afew more times.

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