Bowen Design’s Retro Grey Hulk (2009)

Grey Hulk Statue!
Complete pic of the masterpiece!

Bowen really has gone all out with this latest crop of Hulk releases. This is certainly different enough from the Green Hulk piece to comment on – I mean, the earlier Hulk releases have just been re-paints – but here Randy has done something truly fantastic! Each sculpt has tweaks that make each statue being released different!  For instance – with this statue you can see that Randy had flattened the head – added a yellow shirt and gave the Hulk an awe-inspiring desert scene base that totally rocks!

One Foot!
Holy Crap! Look out for the cactus!

Sure, the basic sculpt is the same – but this is a classic statue that will surely rock!  And there is no paint flaws like the Green Hulk statue seemed to have.  I have had this bad boy for a while now – set up with the Green Hulk – and I can’t believe how awesome it looks.  Every time I see it I think to myself how amazing accurate it is to the original incarnation to the Hulk.  The Hulk has changed so much over the years – but the original was something that no one has successfully captured – until now!

"...and your back! It's worse than your front!"

I have to admit I was skeptical at first when BD announced the release of multiple Hulk statues – but now, I couldn’t be happier he did!  I have Maestro on the way – and Planet Hulk will eventually get shipped – but all in all – thank you Mr. Bowen for the new crop of Hulks!  I should just enjoy these – but I can’t help but hunger for a Fixit, a Merged Hulk, and maybe some others!  Like, The End: Hulk and War Hulk – or even a WWH!  I need to save up for the next crop of Hulks already!  Not that they are definitely happening – but I have faith!

Green and Grey - Side by Side!

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4 thoughts on “Bowen Design’s Retro Grey Hulk (2009)

  1. Along with the above grey Hulk, I have the green Hulk and Rulk, which actually looks pretty cool in a menacing way. Almost as if Mephisto possessed the Hulk himself. I’m still waiting for the gem in the wave- planet Hulk. I have no plans at this point to get Maestro for now. I also picked up MarvelKnight model Hulk and Adams Hughes She-Hulk statue.

  2. Hey Ratch-Gotta agree with you on the Grey Hulk’s base-It’s awesome,great detail and having the desert terrain works out perfect for the Grey Hulk, and I also was a bit worried that they would just be re-paints because they(Red Hulk,Green Hulk ,Grey Hulk and Maestro) have the same basic pose.Having these along side the Bowen Abomination and She-Hulk(purple outfit)Statues just looks GREAT-Two more F/S statues that I’d love to see made by Bowen:Skaar and of course the Leader, I could probably name at least a dozen more,but these two would make me happy-Take care-Mike

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