3 thoughts on “A Month of the Leader – Day 9

  1. It’s another one of those tales featuring everybody’s least favourite rich kid turned cosmic super power Glorian.

    I wish Marvel would do something with this guy!

    1. I was going to mention that a few days ago. Mantlo wrote this issue. It gave a origin to the Shaper’s helper,Glorian. Len Wein created Glorian in the story “The Man who came down a rainbow” Hulk 190. Mantlo gave him a origin in this issue. They said he was rich kid Thomas Gideon who first appeared in FF 34. I just read that story recently. This issue mentions a later story where he died in some plane crash. I haven’t read that FF issue. It was in mid 100s, after Lee and Kirby left. David did use Glorian in the Mr Fixit issues. Not sure if David mentioned previous appearances.

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