Daily Archives: March 12, 2010

A Month of the Leader – Day 10!

If you look at the about page I made a few top 5 lists… and Angel Medina lands on my least favorite Hulk artists list.  Well, that still stands – but this cover is amazing!  And the Leader in the mushroom cloud?  Genuis!

Hulk Ear Phones (2010)

Hulk Ear Phones

Hulk ear phones?  There is nothing more than I want than tiny little Hulks shoved in my ears!  These are perfect!  I found these at my Newbury Comics – in a whole row of freakin Spiderman ear phones… man, that damn Spiderman is EVERYWHERE!  So, I will be reviewing the Hulk: Let the Battle Begin one-shot that was released this week on Monday.  I have to – because if I wait then the Hulk comics will back up on me and then I will get overwhelmed and I will curl up in my tub and cry myself into a coma… like I did last time…  Anyways, I will see you next week.  I’m pretty excited – I’m picking up my Maestro this weekend – hopefully I will also post him – but let’s not get hysterical… it took me almost 3 months to post the Grey Hulk statue…