Hulk Ear Phones (2010)

Hulk Ear Phones

Hulk ear phones?  There is nothing more than I want than tiny little Hulks shoved in my ears!  These are perfect!  I found these at my Newbury Comics – in a whole row of freakin Spiderman ear phones… man, that damn Spiderman is EVERYWHERE!  So, I will be reviewing the Hulk: Let the Battle Begin one-shot that was released this week on Monday.  I have to – because if I wait then the Hulk comics will back up on me and then I will get overwhelmed and I will curl up in my tub and cry myself into a coma… like I did last time…  Anyways, I will see you next week.  I’m pretty excited – I’m picking up my Maestro this weekend – hopefully I will also post him – but let’s not get hysterical… it took me almost 3 months to post the Grey Hulk statue…

6 responses to “Hulk Ear Phones (2010)

  1. I actually got two sets of these earbuds, I got a set from my girlfriend a little before christmas, and another set for christmas from another friend. Theres another set of headphones out there that is the band style, and the band that goes on top of the head is the hulks arms/shoulders.

  2. Is there no limit to Marvel Merchanising Madness? Is nothing sacred??!

  3. King Hulk Marco

    I must admit, in the UK the merchantising is mostly Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America and Wolverine.

  4. It’s the same thing over here, I find it funny when I’m out with my girlfriend, if she tugs my sleeve and pulls me away from something it’s usually because she’s spotted a piece of spiderman merchandise and knows how angry I get anymore due to the MOUNDS of stuff that spiderman fans have readily available to them.

  5. King Hulk Marco

    Really? If you don’t mind me asking, where are you from hulkaholic?

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