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Check this out! Part 2

I love the way these guys break down what is going down in comics… click on the image for the video.

A Month of the Leader – Day 11

Very few comics, other than the Hulk, used the Leader – but he has a great stint in She Hulk – while Hulk was away on an alien planet!  His head looks so gross on this cover… I love it!

Hulk: Let the Battle Begin (2010) – The Review

Hulk: Let the Battle Begin

This was an interesting one-shot. A literal – almost – day in the life of the Hulk! I think it’s Dee Snider’s son who writes this – and Dee Snider is a freakin’ bad-ass – so the fact that his son wrote a Hulk comic only makes another notch in his awesome category for me! So – the story kind of goes like this: Banner wakes up after one of the Hulk’s rampages. He doesn’t remember much – but he has a little pouch sewn in his purple pants with everything he needs to help him try to get things back to normal without being noticed too much – like a cash card. I have a bit of an issue with this – much like in the movie – Banner would know that using a cash card would create a trail for the army to find him – he’s too smart to make a stupid mistake like that! He should’ve just had cash in the pouch – but, we move on…

Hulk taking on the Wrecking Crew!

Banner says Betty was the one who gave him the idea for the pouch – not only that – but she was the first to sew it into his pants.  He also says he doesn’t remember much from his Hulk episodes.  He remembers bits and pieces.  That’s what we get – bits and pieces – we know that the Hulk faced off against a group called the Wrecking Crew – and that they were at Mt. Rushmore destroying the President’s faces for ransom.  The Hulk fought these jokers – but Thor shows up and tries to stop the Hulk as well…

Thor shows up to spoil the fun...

Bruce finds a fan in the motel clerk.  The man says he loves the Hulk – and not to worry because he won’t say a word about where Bruce.  But Bruce soon realizes this was a lie – but first we see how the Hulk beat Thor – which is my favorite part of the comic.  The Hulk grabs Thor’s hammer – while Thor is still holding it – and uses it to smash Thor’s face in!  It’s the ultimate “Stop hitting yourself” grade school bullying technique!  But anyways, Ross shows up at a diner, with a whole slew of tanks, helicopters, and soldiers, where Bruce is grabbing a bite.  Ross demands Bruce surrender – and Bruce gives him an ultimatum.  Let him go or suffer the Hulk’s wrath.  Ross chooses to take his chances – and the Hulk destroys everything.  So much so – he wakes up without his trusty old Purple pants – as they burned up.

Thor gets in a lucky shot!

I thought the ending was pretty funny – and actually pretty clever – I liked the whole issue.  I wasn’t a big fan of the art though… I thought that the art really lacked any kind of “wow” factor – especially since it had a great Hulk/Thor fight.  But, all in all, an enjoyable issue worth picking up.  The comic also contains the MCP: Hulk vs the Entire Universe, drawn by McG.  A solid, sort of “else world” tale about a planet of Hulks.  Check it out.  Grade: C+