8 thoughts on “A Month of the Leader – Day 12

  1. I have this issue! The Leader assembles a team of heroes to capture Hulk so he cure the Hulk and take over the world! The team consisted of Wolverine, Hercules and the red skinned deviant called I believed Karkas? Not sure I have spelling right though one of you guys can sort that out for me. The plan didn’t work, surprisingly.

      1. Let me add I have already read the Jarella story in the Peter David and Stan Lee edited short story collection,Ultimate Hulk. This was published before Marvel started it’s Ultimate line.

    1. King Hulk, I will look for this issue. I found out about a comic I didn’t know of before at marvel appendix. What if the Hulk became a Barbarian? v1 issue 23. It is a Jarella story. There are two more apperances of her Planet, Kai, in a Captain Marvel story by Peter David. My question to you or anyone else is are there any other appearances of Jarella’s world outside of Hulk comics? That is including what if issues+text stories. Any information will help.

  2. Not a bad story, as written by Erik Larsen and drawn by Mike S. (no relation) Miller. IIRC it kept continuity with the Leader at the time pretty well. It also was prep for the next issue of Wolverine, #145, which set Wolverine and the Hulk against each other with gorgeous art by Leinil Yu–and gave Wolverine his adamantium back.

    Wow, speaking of variants, #145 does feature one of the toughest Hulk variants to find, ever…


    1. I just read this issue for the first time and noticed two interesting things. First the bath leaked out. The story meant this is why the Leader was found in the desert with amensia later on. Second did anyone notice this was the same method Samson used to seperate Bruce and the Hulk in issue 315? Did Samson get the technology from the Leader and the Intel? We know he first got help from AIM. This would fit perfectly with the current retcon they are using.

  3. Also remember the Samson lost his powers in 147 when the Leader was fighting the Hulk. He did not gain them back until much later when he was rehired to work for the goverment in issue 193. He gained them back during a equipment malfunction in that issue. Was he working with AIM again?

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