Daily Archives: March 18, 2010

A Month of the Leader – Day 14

One of the Leader’s biggest plans in his early days was to create Humanoids to do his dirty work… and when the humanoids didn’t work he’d just create more – when more didn’t work he’d create bigger ones… which doesn’t seem like a brilliant plan – but hey, I’m not a genius!

Hector E. Rodriguez Commission (2009)

April '09 BCC Commission

I’m not sure when I actually got this – it might have been last April – and I just forgot to post it.  But that’s just a shame – I like this artist’s pencils – although, I think the Hulk’s face could certainly be better, still – the details are fantastic!  Another unknown artist that frequents the Boston Comic Con – speaking of which… the April Comic Con is coming!  It’s in a new location – and it’s shaping up to be amazing!  Check it out here:


So, if anyone is going to be there – drop me a line – maybe we can meet up and talk Hulk for a while… or not.  Whatever.  I will be reviewing the Hulk #21 and TIH #608 tomorrow – so be here or be square… although – this is where the squares hang out so… hmmmm…